Gov. Walker asked to leave restaurant due to booing

I can’t help it….I laughed when I read this:

You know you’re not well liked when you are asked to leave a local tavern because people boo-ing at you causes an upset, but this is exactly what happened to Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker on Friday the 18th of February.

The Merchant in Madison, WI confirms that on Friday night, Patrick Sweeney (one of the owners) politely asked Scott Walker to leave the establishment when other customers began boo-ing him. A bartender at The Merchant said that, “his presence was causing a disturbance to the other customers and management asked him to leave.”


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26 thoughts on “Gov. Walker asked to leave restaurant due to booing

  1. You do know the whole thing’s a hoax, right Zach?

    This has the same sort of face palm you had when you thought Ron actually hadn’t voted since whatever that year was. (We had a lot of good laughs that night in Oshkosh.)

  2. On a small note, today some insane assholes today who listen too much Fox News or conspiracy theories today tried to destroy my car because I had a Feingold sticker on it. While I was at a restaurant with my sister who just had her baby about a few weeks ago Any suggestion of what I should do with this? I’m not sure if I should let this slide or sue them for their bullshit justification of destroying my car because of political beliefs. The problem is I don’t like the idea of suing since it has been rammed into my head that it’s ‘unjust’.

    (She’s lucky she held me back, I was ready to end them for doing that.)

      1. Don’t worry, I’m fine other than utterly furious. I only noticed it because when we were in the restaurant I saw it happening outside, I assumed at first they were just confused and thought this was their car. (Sometimes that happens, like people walk right to a car they think is theirs then realize it isn’t. What can I say, I expect the best in people?)

        They had signs and were using that – I don’t mean they utterly destroyed it but they left a ton of scratches and cracked my windshield not to mention were kicking it. I don’t care what side you are, but this is not cool to do damage to people’s private property. Personally I was more worried for my sister or the baby, which is in part I think they felt like shit as soon as they saw that.

        I can understand emotions and tensions are running high but to attack my car when I was in a restaurant is not cool. I’m not going to be blaming right wingers as a whole, but I have a feeling if I take this to the police and it gets on air that the regional Tea Party here will make it a “US VS. THEM” issue and fail to realize that these assholes were wrecking my damn car.

          1. I did. I’m not going to attack the Tea Party personally because I know not all of them are like that but instead these bastards who did it.

            1. Just as long as you got a police report and their names…so you can make an insurance claim. I’d ask them for the cost of your deductible and any rental fees…and if they don’t want to pay…sue them in small claims.

              1. All right, thanks for the advice. I got two of their names. (The third one I didn’t get though) Either way, this is something I do not tolerate on any circumstances and I’m sure many conservatives here don’t tolerate that either. I understand emotions are running high but this is madness.

      1. It really does. I was expecting people to be more civil but apparently some people can’t control themselves when someone has a different opinion.

      1. Of course it sounds made up to you, because the right never can do wrong huh?

        Either way, I’m planning to keep this private because this is just a bunch of assholes who couldn’t control themselves, and not a reflection on their political beliefs.


  4. Just one more childish antic by a bunch of children. it is so good to know lazy union workers will soon be laid off, then they will have plenty of time to march and rant and rave and act like a bunch or escaped mental patients.

    1. I’m really tiring of your incessant insults and name calling. If that’s all you feel like adding to the conversation, then find someplace else to do so.

    2. They began protesting to begin with because they were going to get laid off. How hard of a concept is that? Can’t you connect the dots why they got rid of their rights taken away? Because eventually they were going to be laid off and they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

      Personally, everytime I hear someone being upset “Why do I have to work until I’m 80 with no benefits and this person retires at 55 in a union?” It sounds like a perfect argument to me that unions should have more power and it doesn’t have to be a partisan issue. But then again, it doesn’t have to be a partisan issues of Civil Rights, being against the Patriot Act, being against the War on Drugs, and being against Military Spending.

      It’s a pity people like you joined the Tea Party in droves. I actually was all for it, went to it in early 2007 in Indianapolis before it became right-Neoconservative hate everything central. I am still angry over it because many people like myself felt threatened just for our opinions and view points of my support for Nader and the single-payer system.

      Too bad the Tea Party turned into a war against common sense, but I guess that’s the tragedy of it – it only highlights how populist sentiment and movements often get co-opted and warped by corporate interests and the desire for power/access.

      A real pity.

  5. Here is my biggest problem with joining a union, I DO NOT want my union dues to go to DEMOCRATS if Unions were more balanced and allowed people to put their dues behind candidates they support I think you would have more union people. But unions are PAC’s for the Democrats only.

  6. Then bring your “mainstream” views to the workers nota and run to be president of your union. I am sure the rest of the workers would love to support you! Then you can put all of the unions money behind all of the candidates you want.

    1. Yes it would matter, honestly. If you run for president of your union, support your own beliefs and give to your own candidate of your own choosing? That’s all there is to it. Why else do you think some unions actually supported Scott Walker before he pulled this move?

      Honestly, if Republicans opened themselves up to union rights, I’m sure a lot of unions would actually go to their side for their own political beliefs.

    2. I will not lie though: if you do it you could risk losing your job. Unions are not a bad thing mind you: people need to wake up this isn’t a partisan issue and what can send a big message is if everyone who was working made or joined a union of sorts so that conservatives would have to listen. Therefore, we can get intelligent and principled conservatives into power like Ron Paul in Texas, Rick Snyder in Michigan, and Mitch Daniels in Indiana. I don’t completely agree with them on a lot of things, but they take bold moves like how Gov. Rick Snyder is taking $1 in salary, donating remainder of $159,000 pay back to state of Michigan.

      This is what conservatism should be like. Not people like Palin who quit in the middle of their terms and just to further their own goals while lavishing in attention. We should be looking at the intelligent conservatives who are looking for answers and not trying to further their own goals. And same with intelligent liberals too.

      A lot of these partisan issues shouldn’t be partisan issues at all if that makes sense. I mean, should we be criminalizing women for having miscarriages when 60% of them end in miscarriage within the first week even before they show signs of pregnancy? Honestly: I’m a libertarian when it comes to most things. Socially and ideally? Fiscally. Now, don’t get confused by the fiscal part: libertarians are not for massive spending and borrowing. You see – the Tea Party in it’s original form was libertarian in both aspects and fought for rights of people. However, it got drowned out by the reactionary and angry people, so it became a sad duality of sorts. The people like me and many other libertarians, constitutionalists, independents, and republicans? Got pushed out and haven’t been able to get our voices heard since except through the internet.

      This brings up a good history of what we were, if you’re curious.

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