If you can’t beat em….

Arrest them!

This from Wispolitics:

Fitzgerald says limiting night access to hearing rooms, leggie offices a safety issue

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said leggie leaders moved to limit access to lawmakers’ offices and Capitol hearing rooms because of safety concerns.

Law enforcement has been posted outside in the West and South wings of the Capitol the last few days, keeping protesters away from the chambers. Lawmakers approved that change late last week, allowing just lawmakers and their aides in the offices and hearing rooms from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. every day.

Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said the additional step was taken because some lawmakers were allowing protesters to sleep in their offices. He said it made no sense to limit access to the West and South wings only to allow protesters behind law enforcement officers to camp out in the offices.

The restriction will begin at 6 p.m. Saturday. Access to those rooms will remain during the day.

— By JR Ross


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4 thoughts on “If you can’t beat em….

  1. Oh, and where did they say anything about arresting people? Surely those peace-loving protestors will comply with the rules.

    1. Do you even hear yourself? Changing the rules? WHAT rules are being changed? They are enforcing existing rules (finally). The only reason they didn’t do so before was probably to play nice and not cause a scene. Well now things are getting out of hand and enough is enough. After this is all over and I show up just to hang out, would I be able to come and stay and sleep there at 2am? No!

      Also not sure why you need to sleep there anyway. Come and protest and when you are tired, go home or elsewhere to rest up, and then come back to protest again. You find that unreasonable?!

      Also, funny that you think Walker and the Fitzgeralds are “losing”? You must have missed the last election. They hold the majority. You need to accept that.

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