Inside the Capitol today

Here’s some video of the scene inside the Wisconsin Capitol building today…

On a related note, all 14 Democratic State Senators have left the Capitol – and possibly the state – as they stand in solidarity with Wisconsin’s public employees.

In a tweet shortly after it was reported Senate Democrats had left the Capitol, State Sen. Chris Larson encouraged Republicans to heed the voice of Wisconsinites:

I encourage my republican colleagues to use this time to listen to the public outcry.


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55 thoughts on “Inside the Capitol today

    1. A win by 124,630 people I really wouldn’t call Wisconsinite’s voice.

      Actually I would go far to say there are three voices of Wisconsin. Liberal, Conservative, and Drunk.

    1. Oh ‘we’ collectively elected him. But keep in mind – how many people are in WIsconsin. There is a portion in Wisconsin of people are so cynical with politics that they don’t ever use their right to vote.

      We also elected a governor, a senator, and many other people because of the feelings of discouragement. However you’re just a partisan hack who cannot see the flaws within your own party.

      1. Let’s go back to some of you’re past comments so we can see how much of a partisan hack you are… Do you not read what you type before submitting. Now go stamp your feet and run around because you’re not getting what you want. As President Obama said.. Elections have consequences and WE WON!!! Try dealing with it T and maybe even look for the faults in your own party…. Sheeesh

    2. When did Walker promote ending collective bargaining…?

      In addition, ever since the country was founded, it included the idea of Majority Rules and Minority Rights. If a “majority” something too egregious it’s the “minorities” right to oppose it through all reasonable means.

  1. The Democrats have left the capitol like the cowards they are bought and paid for by the unions in this state they showed what happens when you allow thugs like WEAC and AFCSME to control you by vote buying.

    I urge everyone to call your state senator. In my district that would be Dave Hansen
    phone # 1-866-221-9395. Flood the office with calls and demand he return to his elected post. If not I call for his removal from office and a special election to be held to fill the remainder of his term. Make the call.

    1. Heh….I already called my State Sen. and I sent him a message on Facebook encouraging him to stay away from the Capitol for as long as it takes for Republicans to come to their senses.

    2. Are you suggesting that we require every legislator to attend every session and vote on every issue? Because I don’t think they all live up to that standard currently…sounds like a constitutional amendment to me!

    1. Notalib,

      Have you formed your posse yet?

      We were up all night in the norhtwoods with our pickups and deer lights looking for Bob Jauch, our state senator. We got deputized by the State of Fitzgerald Patrol, with badges and everything, and had to stop in every tavern in the northwoods and put up wanted posters. Whew! I’m a little hungover right now.

      We couldn’t find him but I did shine a nice big 12 point buck. Thought it was Bob for a minute!!

  2. I’m guessing that you would have fully approved of this tactic had the Republicans walked out of Doyle’s ramrodded budget.

    Those who think that the circus that’s going on in Madison is indicitative of what the electorate wants are sadly mistaken. The unions are overplaying their hands (especially the teachers union) and the tactics will backfire.

    1. And to answer your other point, you’re absolutely right that I’d have been critical of the walkout if it were Republicans walking out, just as I’m sure conservatives would condone Republicans walking out if the tables were turned.

  3. So you are being critical of the Democrats for walking out, yet encouraging them to stay away…wow.

    ANd for who’s playing what hand, I encourage you to look outside the Madison bubble.

    1. No, you’re not understanding me. I’m not being critical of Democrats for walking out; I fully support them doing so. I’m simply saying that if the shoe was on the other foot, I have no doubt you’d be supporting Republicans doing the same thing.

      As for me looking “outside the Madison bubble,” I’m not inside the Madison bubble, but thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Zach, remember your Senate Democrats have set the precedent. Some day you will have power back and every time you want to increase taxes, increase benefits for state workers, pass a global warming bill, or do whatever; Republicans are going to flee the state and not let you pass the bill. I hope when that time comes Republicans will have more class and respect for the process, but you should exepect such a walk out because you are supporting that precedent now.

        Your Democrats should accept the current reality that they are in the minority: debate the bill passionately, amend it, try to convince the majority otherwise, but SHOW UP TO DO YOUR JOB.

        SERIOUSLY? You can applaud them all you want, but it’s not going to change things when they have no choice but to come home. This bill is going to pass, like it or not. Accept reality.

        1. They’re doing their jobs; they’re standing up against a majority hell-bent on ramming legislation through with little actual debate and they’re using whatever means at their disposal to do so.

          1. That’s what a majority is. Elected by the people. How many times did Republicans FLEE THE STATE in the last 2 years when Democrats raised taxes and did all sorts of things Republicans disagreed with? That’s right, NONE. But you better get used to this. What would stop Republicans from fleeing the state on every bill if and when Democrats are back in power? If you complain then, you are the ultimate hypocrite.

    1. The increasing size of these protests don’t mean that there is growing general public supports for teachers striking. I think any broad base support unions had will evaporate so long as they strike. The larger these protests swell with union members (particularly teachers) the more the public will come to resent the union.

      Also, all this student support is largely misplaced and ill-informed. Most don’t fully understand the issues with the budget and union compensation. The majority of campus press on the issue has been largely emotional with little substantive economic content. It’s impossible to make an informed opinion when you don’t know the numbers involved.

      UW-Madison students also don’t seem to understand that this bill opens the door for a future proposal allowing UW-Madison to spin out of the UW System again and give greater flexibility to the university. Chancellor Biddy Martin understands this, and has gone to far as to request that fellow UW System Chancellor’s stay out of the fray. If this were to proceed on through, students would not really be affected n any meaningful way.

      Further, the act of Democratic senators fleeing the state (apparently currently doing laps on the Ryan expressway in a bus) to avoid a vote makes the statewide Democratic party in the look like petulant children. I would argue that they are in a sense violating their oath to serve the state.

      Finally, the act of surrounding the governor’s home was wildly out of bounds in the minds of most reasonable voters. I think most level headed individuals would agree that people should be able to protest on public grounds as much as they want, but private residences should be left alone.

      I think this will end up being a public relations disaster for the Democratic party and unions. They will have no one to blame but themselves.

      1. The Democratic Senators don’t look petulant to people like me who voted for them. They’re using one of the reasonable tools at their disposal. It might be an extreme measure, but it’s being done to stop a far more extreme plan.

        1. Agreed. Senate Democrats simply used the rules of the Senate to their advantage, which is what a minority party is sometime forced to do.

          1. Better get used to one party or the other fleeing the state. I don’t want to hear you complaining in the future. YOU OWN THIS.

            1. forgot I will make you a promise. When the dems get back in power and they try and pass a bill this majorly this quickly and then hundreds of thousands of people show up to protest said bill, and the dems dont care and want to pass it anyway. I will stand at the Capitol with you yelling “kill the bill” and fire Governor Feingold!!

              1. Nope, if and when Democrats get into power, I think Republicans should walk out on each and every one of their nutty bills. Does that sound like democracy?

              2. PP, the Dems did just that 2 years ago. Thousands showed up to say no to new taxes and spending, and Doyle and the Democrats did it anyway.

                1. have a link forgot? do you think the dems would of walked out had they not had the power of the people behind them?

                  By he way you are aware right that you pay less in taxes than you have paid in like 50+ years right?

      2. So the governors home is out of bounds? maybe you can tell us exctly where Democracy is allowed to take place? is there a certain area? is there set hours? a dress code? let us know the democracy rules please!

      1. We won’t know until someone bothers to do some quality polling. Even then we won’t get the whole picture because there isn’t a comparable poll from before the protests.

        Keep in mind that only 20% of the state is unionized. This event will affect how independents view the left for years to come, and as of now it is not a very flattering image.

        (I don’t think conservatives feel any reason to leave work to protest a protest, especially when there is no foreseeable way this bill will be stopped)

  4. This is great! I hope the the teachers and their unions continue to protest. Maybe they will strike! God, I hope so!! We will see then who the public supports. I can tell you their actions will backfire badly. This is not going well for state unions.

  5. The Cowards have been found they are at the Clocktower Resort in Rockford Il, Tea Party members from northern Illinos and southern Wisconsin are on there way there to protest these cowards.

  6. I spent my third day at the Capitol and today seemed more intense and spirited…if that is possible…than any this week. There are many who are proud that the actions were taken by the Democrats in the Senate. We are not laying down like dogs in the shade. This is showdown time. Having said that I want to say as I stood in the rotunda and saw the faces from across the state who are determined to make a difference, and were lifting their voices so all in the building could hear….it touched me. This is what America is all about. I detest what Governor Walker is doing, but I admire and deeply respect those I saw at the statehouse today, and all this week.

    1. And none of it matters the bill will still pass. The sad part is kids are missing school because their teachers are not doing the job they are paid to do. They are selfish careless union people whose only purpose in life is to steal money from tax payers and to be as lazy as possible. So you union terrorist continue showing the youth `that hate and anger is what unions are about and failure for them is sure to follow just like all of you have discovered.

    1. Apparently Notalib is on the case!

      Too bad it doesn’t mean a thing, because there’s nothing except Scott Walker giving in on collective bargaining that can bring the 14 Democrats back to Wisconsin.

  7. Thats ok by the vast majority of the people in Wisconsin if these 14 rats stay out of teh state for the next two years. I give it to Sat at the latest that this bill will pass, these clowns won’t stay away much longer, which is a shame the more Democrats out of this state the better this state becomes.

    1. I’m fine with them staying gone for two years too, because that means Republicans won’t have a chance to screw everything up.

  8. Yeah because that is what they were elected to do hide little little kids. I know there is already talk here in Green Bay of starting a recall on Dave Hansen, he was elected to represent the people of the 30th district not just the unions.

  9. The government is not for profit entity and I don’t see how the employees can sit and demand more when the well is dry. We are taxed and fee’d enough already, so that is not an option. If this budget thing doesn’t go thru, then I guess this state is really run by the unions. Then I can’t wait to hear the bitching when 7500 state employees are laid off.

    1. Employees aren’t demanding more; they’re simply demanding that their collective bargaining rights remain intact. That’s what this is about.

      1. But they have to come back to Wisconsin sometime, and when they do the bill is still going to pass.

        Senate Dems FAIL!

  10. Sorry Zach, I WOULD hold republicans accountable for walking out and pulling a childish, immature and cowardly stunt like Taylor, Larson, Erpenbach, et. al., have done. Please show me ONE TIME that the republicans pulled this while Doyle and the democrats ran roughshod over their objections…you can’t.

    And to say that just because the “protests” are growing in Madison tells me nothing. You have union activists taking a day off work, illegally in some cases, and why wouldn’t you have a lot of people in the downtown square? It’s not that big of an area.

    Yet there’s a lot more to this state than the square around the Capitol…and those that ELECTED Walker AGREE WITH WHAT HE IS DOING.

      1. Teachers. If they call in sick they are supposed to produce a doctor’s note, indicating that they are actually SICK.

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