Paulies tweets….

Paul ryan has a reputation of throwing a hissy fit every time someone disagrees with him and showing the maturity of a 13 year old. Yesterday he upheld his immature reputation by ‘tweeting’ his anger at the Associated Press. The republican “pledge to America” promised to cut $100 billion in spending and ryan, of course, broke his pledge and came up with only $32 billion in cuts.

The Republican proposal would only cut $32 billion from current spending levels for this fiscal year, however — far lower than the $100 billion promised in the party’s “Pledge to America.”

Ryan balked at news coverage noting the discrepancy, tweeting, “Associated Press is wrong. House GOP plan would cut $74 billion from the Budget… and we’re just getting started.”

The proposal would decrease domestic spending by $43 billion from last year’s budget. But it also allows for increases, including an $8-billion hike in funding for defense, homeland security and veteran programs over last year’s levels.

Now we know why Ryan turns in budgets with no numbers in it, he is not very good at math.


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