68 thoughts on “Scott Walker is at the Koch’s beck and call….

  1. Wow. Awesome Zach. Way to prove that the Koch brothers have NOTHING to do with this and that it really is about the budget!

    1. Haven’t listened to more than the first minute or so of it, but it would see, you’re exactly right.

      All along, the story has been that Koch was running this whole thing – pulling all the strings, yadda yadda yadda.

      This thing makes it pretty clear – nobody on Walker’s staff actually knows or has talked to him, and Walker doesn’t know his voice well enough to recognize an impostor.

  2. Unbelievable, just unbelievable. I mean I don’t like Walker for his political positions but you’d like to think that your government isn’t for sale (as naive as that may sound).

    1. Well…I’m going to be a little skeptical until I find out more about it…but if it is Walker…I’ll second your “WOW”…

    1. Furthermore: He outright said that they considered implanting troublemakers in the protests during the phone call, but I haven’t heard him acknowledge that in public.

      I don’t care what side this that does that: that is wrong. I never supported it when the Oregon Democratic Party wanted to do that to the Tea Party, and I don’t support it now.

  3. Wow…stunning. Absolutely stunning. This really changes so much…how can anyone with any sense support this Weasel?

    1. Yes, given he tried to side step it in a sort of “We thought of that but…” the fact it was thought of? That is what shocks me. I’m an independent but a lot of what it’s in the bill even without the whole taking bargaining rights of Union is bullshit. It will effect not only just ‘working public sector families’ but the whole state as we know it.

      I don’t like the Bill in any shape or form because I read it over the course of this protest. Long and hefty, but there is a lot of bullshit in there that isn’t right that I know many people on the right wouldn’t stand for.

  4. And I think entrapping someone is wrong as well…although my disgust with Governor Walker should be well known to everyone on this site…he was lied to and that isn’t right.

    1. I will have to say this: It is a bad precedent; but it doesn’t change fact Scott Walker stepped in it badly.

      1. Walker is trying to destroy the middle class and then laughing about it with a freaking billionaire…and we should worry about the bad precedent? No way!

        1. Exactly. I think it’s bad precedent but it doesn’t change what he said in it, even if he tried to side step things.

            1. Did you hear how he planned on tricking the Wisconsin 14? He’s all for tricking people. And frankly…he shouldn’t trust us (anymore)!

              1. It ain’t a trick if everyone understands what’s going on…and again, two wrongs don’t make a correct (sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to say right)!

                  1. Please keep your statement in mind when the shoe is on the left foot…it will eventually happen.

                    1. Exactly as Anon said: While there are some partisan cry babies in the world who do nothing but listen to talk radio or their favorite station to suit their interests I assure you that if someone on the left got caught in something like this? There would be railing on them too.

                      It’s positively channeling Spiro Agnew to finger “outside agitators.” Walker seems to be more Nixonian than Reaganite, even discussing dirty tricks ending with a virtual “but that would be wrong (wink).”

                      Corruption is the same on left or right. Just as the same is violent rhetoric, sexist remarks, and homophobic statements.

                    2. Not talking about corruption…talking about a rightie tricking a lefty…you’ll be screaming bloody murder when it happens…

                    3. Ed…can you stop raining on my parade? 😉 I hope this is just the beginning of more misfortune to befall the WEASEL.

                    4. If it’s doctored? I think a lot of us would understandably. But this isn’t. It’s pretty raw.

                      However if it’s to find out they weren’t being clear or concise, and even thinking of having some groups go into ruin the Tea Party’s freedom of speech? I would be for getting rid of that person. It’s like how I even get angry at people saying that those people in the Tea Party should just be ‘locked away’ — because nobody deserves that.

  5. I have to disagree with you there Ed, the person who called said he was struck by the democratic lawmakers that said that walker would not take their calls. So he thought he would just try and see if they would take his. Telling how easily he got through

    1. Because the ends always justify the means, right? If you agree with the goal, and deep down, you know that somebody “deserves it” then go right ahead, right?

      1. No because this is real life. This is not bill belichek videoing the other teams practice, this bill will affect millions of people in a very real way.

        I dont know what happened to taping but I would love to see all of the governor and the presidents conversations recorded like they used to be. We learn so much about Nixon/ LBj etc.. by listening to their tapes.

        1. Yeah, it’s real life…and no matter how abhorent the Governor’s bill is, this is unethical at least.

          And if this were evidence in a legal proceeding…would the judge throw this out as fraudulently acquired?

          1. I don’t know & probably shouldn’t play lawyer. You have the fraud issue but then being a public official has implications as we well.

            What I do know is that Wisconsin is a single-party consent state for phone recording as are most (30-some states). A few are two party. I don’t know whether this is good or bad but more than anything, it’s always amused me. Single party consent means you can record other people secretly because you count as the single party. I just don’t know that it makes sense – at least in logical terms – to use the word consent at all when recording a person without telling them.

            It’s like in computer programming or math where in arrays and lists, the first element isn’t 1, it’s zero. 🙂

            1. And Wisconsin law may not even apply…since I don’t believe the caller was in WI…hmmmm.

  6. But it is highly probable that Governor Walker wouldn’t have taken the call if he knew who really was on the call and that he was being recorded. The protests are demanding that they be treated with respect and that the state honor the rights they’ve earned over the past century…and then we disrespect the Governor? No matter what the ends, this isn’t the right way to do it.

  7. Ed, just because Walker’s staff apparently doesn’t have the intelligence to check something out like this, this event should give you a big clue about how poorly our beloved state will be administered in the hands of political cronies and flunkies.

  8. Walker is talking about a civil debate…but yet…didn’t he offer up his baseball bat to David Koch?? WEASEL.

  9. Yeah, but walker didn’t say anything in private that he hasn’t said in public and in one way it makes him look real. No real ethics violations have happen, which is too bad.

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