Scott Walker, union buster

Here’s some reading on Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to break Wisconsin’s public employee unions.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker, union buster

  1. I hope he can handle all the replies to his botched plan. What do you bet you can’t.

    If the Governor’s perception is wrong -– his solution is wrong!

    If overpaid state workers and benefits were the cause of the 2010/11
    budget deficits we would have had this problem 50 years ago. IT IS NOT

    SIMPLE and TRUE!

    Time to spread the word.

    1. Except it’s not only bloggers bro.

      Then again, you’re kind of out of touch with reality as it is with your commentary so..

  2. “Done deal” sounds Dictatorial to me? I live in the USA and damn proud to be an American. If you think “Done Deals” are democratic then you are out of touch.

    If the Governor’’s perception is wrong -– his solution is wrong! BTW your perception definitely is wrong – we still live in a democracy.

    Time to spread the word.

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