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    1. I’m not sure honestly – they’re really hard to compare. As much as Bush’s administration was terrible to be in charge of the country and a bunch of war criminals, I would never compare Mubarak and the people on the right in America to each other. Many conservatives in power for the most part just want to be Orwellian spying on everything you do, motivated by their greed and own ignorance in subjects. (see redefining rape so women to ‘violent rape’ and abortion laws where it makes it impossible to get one even when women seriously need them and justify it with ‘it was just their time according to God.’)

      I do wish that people wanted more democracy in America instead of justifying it for the greater good, but considering how the people in Egypt are being treated for doing this? Very hard to compare to each other.

      1. The most dangerous concept is “it can’t happen here.” If I saw Democrats doing this I’d speak out against it too.

        The clearly anti-little person policies of the Republican party are revolting. This move is nothing but anti-speech anti-freedom.

        1. To be clear no I don’t think the likes of former President George W. Bush or Governor Scott Walker are that bad, but the people that want to “purify” the Republican Party and/or impose glorified Christian theocracy in the country most definitely are. I think Christian theocracy is actually the most near threat to freedom in this country (not that Islamic theocracy, North Korea, or economic stability aren’t huge issues either – they just aren’t as near of threats to freedom and justice as Christian theocracy is).

          1. I personally think it can happen here, with no problem what so ever as long as people justify their party’s actions. And unfortunately, I do think it’s going to get there at some point if people don’t come to their senses soon. I just don’t think it’s round the corner – I predict Walker is going to give us so much hell that the Republican Party in Wisconsin will have a hardtime coming back for another ten years. I guarantee it.

            1. Walker is going to try to divide as all into groups/sides. We can’t let it happen. We need to stand together.

              1. And unions never divide. How is Walker dividing? He is basically saying because the state because we are out of money, there is no other choice but to ask people who work for the state to contribute a little more to their own benefits. Why is that so radical? And if it is radical as you think it is, what is your suggestion? I haven’t seen your side come up with any good ideas. Doyle twiddled his thumbs while we went down the tubes.

          2. Walker is losing popularity rapidly for his extremist views and with how he’s removing rights from left to right. Many people are regretting voting for Walker and are angry at him for not being forefront with his ideals. They don’t like he gave them misconceptions, and as someone who was there for Return to Lambeau – he got a lot of boos. I personally only cheered and clapped, because that isn’t my style. But I’ve heard them overwhelming and I’m sure if you were watching it you heard them as well.

            He had a lot more boos than cheers. This is saying a lot considering Mayor Jim Schmitt is not popular here and he somehow got more of a cheer and for someone like Herb Kohl – for a state that hates liberals, he got quite a cheer – not as loud as the Packers but it was there.

            I don’t think the whole “It won’t happen here mentality” I think the left realize that can be a reality – it’s the right that tend to be say those things.

  1. Scott Walker is making good on his promise to add 250,000 jobs– so far he has provided jobs for–
    1. Jeff Plale
    2. “Sheriff” Fitzgerald
    3. “Tripple Dipper” Thomas Nardelli

    Only 249,997 to go!

    (Off the subject– do a spell-check on “Nardelli” and you get “BORDELLO” suggested.)

  2. Even putting Walker’s plan in the same sentence with what is going on in Egypt is a disgrace. It’s like comparing a hangnail to a life-threating auto accident.

  3. I’m sorry, but Walker IS pitting two sides against each other, and has the strong potential for creating political unrest in this state. You have 2 groups of people who feel passionately one way or the other. Although it may not be as intense as Egypt, it has the potential to be smaller-scale. This is a big deal, and apparently not just the pro-union group has a strong opinion about this.

    1. What are the two sides? Any political unrest would be caused by the unions who have the blinders on. They would probably rather take job cuts than all having to sacrifice a little. The fact that you would even say this is a small scale Egypt is ridiculous. I understand its a hit to the pocketbook, but many of these people have smartphones and cable and all sorts of things, but are OUTRAGED that they might have to contribute a small portion of their own health care.

      1. forgot how would you feel if Barrett had gotten in and said he is raising taxes on every company that is a member of WMC 15% and he has the National Guard standing by? Be honest now.

        1. He wouldn’t have to have the Natl Guard stand by, because there’s no past history of those business people engaging in brute force thuggery. Look at what union folks did to Fitgerald and Gard. Business folks never went to make a ruckus outside of Chvala’s or Barrett’s private homes.

          I would think Barrett was not addressing the root cause of our budget problems simply by raising taxes again, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d just watch more businesses fold and more jobs lost.

        2. PP, are tax increases your answer to our problems instead of asking govt workers to make small concessions? I haven’t heard any other alternatives from your or Zach or anyone else here yet. Any ideas?

  4. o yeah, and he let one Wisconsin now , know the plan before the republicans in the legislature

    1. Ten years is a long time. And of course we want to be more like Europe. Why am I not suprised that you would suggest a new tax. How much would such a tax raise in Wisconsin? We’re not exactly Wall Street.

  5. Thanks for asking. Not entirely sure. Probably a waste of time anyway.

    New taxes are obviously akin to armed Marxism. Glenn Beck said so.

    Can’t talk now. Gotta truck coming in with a load of Gold, Ammo, Bottled water and Canned Tuna. I think the driver’s a Union guy. Gonna have to give him some shit.

    What was your question?

  6. forgot, if you think there is no history of businesses engaging in thuggery you need to study your history. it would not be a new tax because if they all stopped paying dues to wmc it would be a wash. business folk don’t have to rally outside anyones home, they can buy a private meeting any time with anyone.

    besides what do you think this is on the workers if not a tax increase?

    1. It is a tax increase to ask workers to pay more for their own benefits? That’s no more a tax increase than a private employer. This is government acting as an employer. There’s no money for it anymore, unless you have discovered some. I realize your answer is a tax increase on businesses (just like always), but they are struggling to stay afloat. Are you willing to risk people losing their jobs so that businesses can keep funding a majority share of benefits for government employees?

  7. You understand right that businesses pay taxes on PROFIT, so if a businessi s “struggling to stay afloat” they will NOT be paying taxes. What we need is more of the Wal-Marts of the world that keep raking in record profits and paying less in taxes(combined reporting anyone).

    We are in a serious mess, lets leave the talking points at the door and work on fixing this. We know two things for sure, obama even spoke to it the other day, businesses are sitting on record profits and cash and not using it to employ people and taxes are at the lowest rates they have been for years.

    Do you not see a disconnect from the real world and the talking points?

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