These are the guys that Scott Walker wants to keep UWM students safe

If you haven’t heard yet, it’s being reported Gov. Scott Walker is planning on abolishing the UWM Police and replacing with Wackenhut as of July 1, 2011. No doubt the replacement of sworn law enforcement officers with rent-a-cops will have a
negative impact on campus safety, given that the Milwaukee Police Department’s 5th District is already understaffed with slow response times.

For those of you unfamiliar with Wackenhut, then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker contracted with Wackenhut to provide security services at the Milwaukee County Courthouse after Walker fired the County’s unionized security officers, and Wackenhut put a convicted criminal in charge of the County’s security operations.

As if hiring a convicted criminal to supervise Milwaukee County’s security operations weren’t bad enough, Wackenhut was also embroiled in controversy in 2009 over the behavior of its employees providing security at the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. In fact, here’s the kind of behavior those Wackenhut employees were engaging in (the photos below are not exactly work safe):


Surely, UWM’s students – and their parents – can feel much safer knowing Gov. Scott Walker’s crack team from Wackenhut will be keeping a close eye on things at UWM.


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9 thoughts on “These are the guys that Scott Walker wants to keep UWM students safe

  1. heard, on top of everything else, the mr. walker lost money on the deal, and had to return money to the fired public employees
    great work, gov. scott walker

  2. I guess the real question is: Who will have the bigger rager on campus? Students or Wackenhut security guards?

  3. Well everybody makes mistakes,Even sworn officers. Just because a few knuckleheads in Kabul acted unprofessionally doesn’t mean all the officers do. Just because thousands of police officers face litigation for brutality doesn’t mean all sworn police officers are bad….right? And the Wackenhut officers at the courthouse have been complimented by courthouse staff on numerous occasions for doing a way better job than the union county workers

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