They Are For Smaller Government…..

As long as all of their relations are on the public dime…The Righteous Brothers, Jeff and Scott Fitzgerald, are the republicans in charge of the Wisconsin State Assembly and the state Senate. They have hopped on the republicans silly talking point “Wisconsin is open for business.” It also appears that Wisconsin is open to employ the whole Fitzgerald family. The father of the state\'s two most powerful lawmakers is seeking to serve as the head of the State Patrol under Gov. Scott Walker.

Fitzgerald said he wasn’t seeking any special treatment in his bid for the state job and that he was one of several candidates who had been interviewed for it.

“I have a long history in law enforcement, and I feel I can add something to the State Patrol,” he said. “I don’t see any connection between my sons’ positions” and the job.

Jeff Fitzgerald said he was making an effort to remain out of the hiring process.

Nope no connection at all between applying with a Governor who needs Fitzgerald’s sons cooperation to get his agenda through. Sure The Fitzgerald brothers are staying “out” of it. Where is the “tea party” on this one? Isn’t this nepotism one of the many things they were angry over? Or does the independent “tea party” give the republican party a free pass on ALL issues?


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4 thoughts on “They Are For Smaller Government…..

  1. Not only did he get the job, by passing over 5 current top officials, he was not qualified for it>

    Scott Bryant

    402 N Spring St, Beaver Dam, WI 53916, USA
    Apr 17 1995

    * Category Death of a nonviolent offender
    Credibility: UP DOWN 0

    On April 17, 1995, police in Dodge County, Wisconsin forcefully enter the mobile home of Scott Bryant after finding traces of marijuana in his garbage. Moments after entering, Detective Robert Neuman shoots an unarmed Bryant in the chest, killing him. Bryant’s eight-year-son is asleep in the next room. Neuman would later tell investigators he “can’t remember” pulling the trigger.
    The dupties who conducted the raid insist they knocked and announced first, but neighbors who watched the entire raid say police forced entry without doing either. After Bryant’s death, victims of another botched raid conducted two weeks earlier by the same deputies claim there was no knock or announcement prior to entry.
    Two years later, Bryant’s family would get a $950,000 settlement from Dodge County.
    Ed Treleven, “Shooting victim ‘didn’t deserve to die’; Some data released in Beaver Dam case,” Wisconsin State Journal, April 29, 1995, p. B1.
    Meg Jones, “Family to get $950,000 in settlement; Beaver Dam man was shot by Dodge County sheriff’s detective,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 30, 1996, p. 1.

    1. I don’t know how the story you cited makes Fitzgerald unqualified to serve as Superintendent of the State Patrol. Fitzgerald didn’t pull the trigger and kill the guy; officers did.

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