6 thoughts on “Topic of the Week: Egyptian protests

  1. Her’s the kind of stellar commentary we can expect from the far right on the Egyptian revolution. This is one of the most despicable and ugly things I’ve seen in a long, long time. Megan Fox, deliberately trying to stir up rage in vets, our troops, and whoever else she can by publishing an image that has absolutely been photoshopped. Take a look.


    If the conservatives on this blog and elsewhere have any integrity whatsoever they’ll call this shit out for what it is: the worst kind of character assasination and the sort of thing that can drive people to violence.

    It’s not enough anymore for conservatives to simply say they don’t watch the Glenn Becks, or read the Megan Foxs’ of this country. If you don’t start speaking out against this kind of thing you’re a coward and complicit in whatever tragedy may ensue. Period.

    Joe Scarborough, David Frum and Megan McCain have all made efforts to speak out. I have at least some respect for them. Those who stay silent are deserving of only scorn and contempt.


  2. Not a word out of the conservatives on this blog about this stuff? How come? You’ve got CODEPINK dead to rights here. They should be brought up on treason charges, right? Curious lack of interest, I must say.

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