Tuesdays Primary

I know that the position is probably even more important than the Governor, but I have not had time to research the State Supreme Court candidates thoroughly. With the primary coming up on Tuesday, who are you voting for in the Supreme Court race and why?

I do know that with the Michael Gableman fiasco, its important to get a quality candidate this time. In my mind, this story disqualifies David Prosser as a serious candidate.

So I am curious to hear your thoughts!


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7 thoughts on “Tuesdays Primary

  1. In my mind, this story disqualifies David Prosser as a serious candidate.

    “Story” is the appropriate word. I’m sure there are many reasons for you to not like Prosser. Using something Mike McCabe claims to have received in an anonymous email… not exactly sound rationale there PP.

    I just received an anonymous email that said Obama wasn’t born in the US. So clearly he’s not a legitimate President, based on that. I’ve seen some really trustworthy stuff posted by people on Facebook too. 🙂

  2. Maybe so, is there a place where Prosser or his campaign has denied the story? If so I will gladly write a retraction and consider him.

    Obama has actually produced a certificate of live birth and we have all seen the birth announcement in the paper.

    1. So you believe whatever you hear from a heavily biased person, sourcing an anonymous email?

      I’m quite certain Limbaugh has presented the same sort of “facts” from anonymous sources that your guys haven’t bothered to deny. That makes them true as well, right?

      When did you stop beating your wife?

    2. To be fair here, should candidates address each and every made up chain letter they get? I don’t think that’s a reasonable expectation.

      It reminds me of the anti-freedom (dare I say anti-American) red scare. When did you stop being a communist??? Etcetera…

      I have no opinions on these candidates yet but I was tricked into believing far left garbage in the past so I’m far more wary about information now. We see so much made up baloney propagated by the far right (I still have relatives who don’t think Obama is a USA citizen, may they some day live in reality) that it’s just not right to accept random information as fact.

  3. I have actually met Mike mcCabe a few times and do consider him a credible source. You might disagree but I would not consider him a partisan. He has equal disdain for anyone who abuses the system.

    I would consider knowing what I know about Prosser(mostly his close relationship with Scooter Jensen) that this is not a stretch. If this is not true, maybe he has changed which is why i would consider him.


    Here is what David Prosser said in March of 2006 near the end of former Republican Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen’s criminal trial for misconduct in office:

    “I have always trusted Scott Jensen. He was a person who kept his word. I think he’s an honest person and a fair person.”

    This lead to a follow up question from District Attorney Brian Blanchard:

    Blanchard asked Prosser if his opinion would change if he knew Jensen gave false information in interviews with law officials. Prosser answered simply, “No.”

    DO you think it is improbable that he said it? who would you recommend in the primary?

  4. Ask any trial attorney Locke. It’s no secret that Justice Prosser said that if the trial attorneys supported another candidate that he would move farther to the left. I know this sounds like a story about some nut job Supreme Court Justice in a book, but alas, it is real life here in Wisconsin.

    But the real question here was who am I supporting. I am supporting Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg. I have hear all of the candidates speak at one time or another and AAG Kloppenburg’s experience and, as she says, approach to the job are why I am voting for her.

    AAG Kloppenburg has been working as a prosecutor for over 20 years at the Department of Justice (this makes her not as easily attacked as the other candidates facing Prosser, 1. She is a prosecutor protecting the people of Wisconsin, 2. She has worked for both Democrats and Republicans, including B.J. Van Hollen. How do they attack on this?)

    AAG Kloppenburg is also the only candidate to say that she will be an independent justice since the beginning of her campaign. We all have read that Prosser’s camp has said he will work with Scott Walker and his cronies in the legislature. Winnig is saying that he wants to change laws he doesn’t agree with (isn’t this what the legislature does?). And Stephens says that she will be an advocate (last time I checked attorney’s were advocating and judges applied the facts and law to each case to make an unbiased opinion). Case and point!

    While I respect the other candidates and the stories they have told, Winnig being an eagle scout, and Stephens being the first to go to college in her family (touching stories actually) I have to go with the candidate that stands out above the rest and who I believe will be an actual independent justice.

    Oh I almost left out public financing. Stephens, again who I respect as an attorney, said that she was taking public financing but then backed out a week or two before the deadline. Her campaign stated that it wasn’t enough to run a successful statewide campaign. There are flaws in what they stated here. 1. If you look at finance reports from December you can see where they decided not to take public financing because they started taking donations over $100 (you will notice they are no where near the qualifying amount of contributions to receive public financing). No wonder they opted out of it, it would look embarassing to say your going for it and not qualify. 2. The statement of “it’s not enough for a statewide race.” If it’s not enough ($100,000 grant for a primary) then how is the $38,000 she raised enough to even do a statewide mailing or TV ad?

    We need to look at the integrity, independence, and qualifications of each candidate in Supreme Court races. That is why in this election I will be voting for JoAnne Kloppenburg on Tuesday Feb. 15.

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