Who is that guy???

This weekend marks the 100th Birthday of Ronald Reagan. There will be numerous tributes and lovefests regarding Mr. Reagan, unfortunately they will more resemble the myth of Ron Reagan instead of the real man. Thanks to Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, many people will not have any idea of the man which they worship. During the weekend lovefest here are 5 myths to keep in mind:

1. Reagan was one of our most popular presidents.
2. Reagan was a tax-cutter.
3. Reagan was a hawk.
4. Reagan shrank the federal government.
5. Reagan was a conservative culture warrior.

It is not just myself and everyone who remembers the 80’s who does not remember the guy who will be memorialized this weekend, Reagan\'s daughter, Patti Davis, has no idea who he is either!

This centennial thing—and this Republican thing of people trying to put on Ronald Reagan masks—it’s a little puzzling,” she says. “Usually when you give a birthday party for someone, they’re still here. And I think that my father would find it so confusing that people want to imitate him. Not because he didn’t have confidence in who he was, but because he never imitated anybody. He was his own person.”

She also had to make a special point to say that the Sarah Palin’s and Michelle Bachmann’s are NOT Ronald Reagan:

In the meantime, Davis is watching the current political scene with a mixture of fascination and horror. Of right-wing superstars Palin and Michele Bachmann, who constantly invoke Reagan as their political love-object, “my father was a Rhodes Scholar compared to them.”

She adds: “I think people ultimately reveal themselves to everybody. I think that’s the case with Sarah Palin’s conduct, particularly after the Tucson shooting, I think she’s sort of digging herself into a hole. I hope—I really hope.”

For those of you who rely on Rush for the latest talking points of the day, he is even at a loss for words:

PS: i thought this picture and quote were very telling also:


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16 thoughts on “Who is that guy???

    1. Speaking of ducking and dodging questions…what about you Zach? Why don’t you answer my question?

      What the hell is so funny about sexist comments?

      I honestly would have never thought in a million years you would have allowed this to go on on your blog…and then to treat me so disrespectfully because I called PP out on it. Wow…

      1. I posted a comment yesterday about how far righters are targeting women with the ugliest smears imaginable, smears that could conceivably lead to physical attacks, and you’ve written nothing about it. If you didn’t see it I’d be happy to post it again. Where’s your outrage about that?

        I’ll make a deal with you. You condemn the cons on this blog for keeping silent and therefore tacitly condoning such tactics, and I’ll chew PP’s ass for his sexist comments.

        1. Why are you trying to change the subject?

          I have my war scars from my fight against sexism…do you?

          1. I’m changing the subject because what I have to say, in this instance, is far more important than what you’re pursuing.

            I’m pointing out how women might actually be physically harmed as the result of a far reaching, savage and extremist smear campaign.

            You’re pursuing alleged sexist comments on a local blog, and on behalf of, frankly, an uncertain agenda.

            Who’s the true Feminist here?

      2. I created an open thread just so you could air your grievances and complain about how crappy this blog is. Please use that thread instead of cluttering up others with off-topic comments.

        However, to address your concern, I don’t recall ever saying I think sexist comments are funny, and if you think I’m a sexist, then you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I’m not going to waste any more time and/or energy arguing with you, because I know full well it’s not going to go anywhere.

  1. Could you also comment on the five truths of Ronald Reagan, in honor of his stature as a President of the United States, who many Americans admire and revere?

    1. Five truths of Ronald Reagan:

      1. Raised Social Security payroll taxes.
      2. The national debt when “fiscal conservative” Ronald Reagan took office was about $1 trillion. The national debt when Reagan left office was roughly $3.5 trillion.
      3. Promised to eliminate the Department of Education, but by the time he left office it actually had a larger budget than when he took office.
      4. Reagan helped facilitate arms sales to terrorists (Iran-Contra affair) in order to try to gain the release of six Americans held hostage.
      5. Reagan famously said, “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” However, under Reagan the number of federal employees grew from 2.8 million to 3 million.
  2. Hmmm five truths:

    1. He liked Jelly beans

    2. Even though he was a b movie actor he could deliver a line.

    3. He had the most corrupt administration in history.

    4. In actuality, amongst his extreme cabinet, he was many times the voice of reason.

    There is 4 and now im stuck

    1. I’d disagree that Reagan had the most corrupt administration in history. I can think of at least four administrations (U.S. Grant, W. Harding, R. Nixon, George W. Bush) that were more corrupt than Reagan’s.

    2. And it is amazing that 1/2 of US citizens admire Reagan and all you can think of is jelly beans and corruption when you speak of him. It is simply bewildering a times.
      If our measure of greatness is that we agreed with the President then we have lost our soul as a nation.

  3. I was counting strictly arrests, investigations, resignatons, investigatons etc… I dont know much about grand/harding, but the thing about nixon/reagan is alot of the true slime were the same people.

    1. I still think you’re wrong. Each of those administrations was far more corrupt than Reagans; heck, Nixon was so corrupt he was forced to resign the presidency.

      Go Google each of the four administrations I listed and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. That’s the point of this post. The person that many people “loved” never existed. Its not about disagreeing, its been a long enough time past that we can look back and see the mess he left.

    Tell me what you admire about him.

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