Can someone please tell me where Randy Hopper and Scott Suder live?

From MAL Contends comes this interesting bit of information regarding Republican State Senator Randy Hopper’s living situation:

The filing date on the divorce indicated in Hopper’s legal filings [Fond du Lac County Case Number 2010FA000374] reads “08-18-2010.”

I’m guessing Hopper was not living in the W5192 RIENZI Road house in October and November, 10 days before the November 2010 election day.

But the GAB says he was legally a resident at this W5192 RIENZI Road house?

Former GOP tool, U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic for the Eastern District of Wisconsin (2001-08), was all too happy to file voting fraud charges even when as Dan Bice points out, there was no intent to break the law. See Bice, April 12, 2007 (MJS).

Why is not Hopper facing an investigation? Is he not part of the alleged massive voting fraud from which the GOP says they must protect us by restricting voting access for Wisconsin citizens?

While MAL is wondering where Sen. Hopper really lived – and more importantly, voted – in November 2010, I’m wondering the exact same thing about Republican State Rep. Scott Suder. According to Rep. Suder’s Assembly web page and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s Voter Public Access database, Suder lives at 102 South 4th Avenue in Abbotsford, an address Suder used to vote in the 2010 partisan primary and general elections, as well as the January 2011 spring primary election.

However, while Rep. Suder’s voting address is listed as 102 South 4th Avenue in Abbotsford, his driver’s license must give a different address, as a recent traffic lists an address of 501 Kreutzer Street in Athens as Rep. Suder’s home address. That means that if the Voter ID legislation that Rep. Suder supports were in effect today, he would not be able to vote in the district he represents in the State Assembly, as Athens is actually located in the 35th State Assembly district.


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3 thoughts on “Can someone please tell me where Randy Hopper and Scott Suder live?

  1. Hopper’s latest states that due to his pending divorce he lives apart from his wife; she lives at the Rienzi Road address. He has not made his new apartment’s address public because he is afraid of people following through on threats. He claims that the people who needs to know his address, do – but he doesn’t count his constituents as those who need to know.

    1. What’s interesting is that the address Sen. Hopper provided to the media is actually the $600,000 mansion of one of Hopper’s radio station employees, leaving me to wonder about the veracity of that address. After all, Hopper told the media that address was an apartment, not a mansion.

  2. You know, it’s like instead of saying you live in your parent’s basement, you say you have your own apartment on the lower level with its own entrance.

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