couple questions….

Because I have been out of the loop for a few days and I might have missed some things I have a couple questions…

1. Where is the best place to contribute to help the recall the Wisconsin 8 cause.

2. Since this is such an historic event, I am looking for whoever has the coolest T-shirts commemorating it. Any suggestions?



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20 thoughts on “couple questions….

  1. Or, since the Wisconsin Retirement System’s pension fund has $ 5.5mm invested in companies owned by the Koch Industries, you could have a picture of the union logos with the solgan “We love Koch more than you”

    1. This is good info. There’s a board meeting of the WRS next week. Maybe a cry should go up from workers across the state to dump these holdings in favor of more ethically sound investments.

      Norway did something similar in June of 2006. They dumped $400 million of Wal-Mart stock due to Wal-Mart’s human and labor rights record.

      That’s a lotta lefse.

      1. Absolutely, its nice to get this stuff out in the open so they can all be changed a little at a time. Its hard to do everything at once, let it all play out.

        By the way, nothing like a wal-mart is taking a major business hit story to warm up the heart!

        1. I don’t understand what you’re accusing me of?

          All right, I confess: I am not Spartacus, (that’s Ed Heinzelman) but I am NotaSlob, and I am proud of it.

  2. Please give to Dems’ recall 8, and also AFSCME & SEIU are doing FANTASTIC ground.

    re: Super ID — that BLOWS MY MIND… thanks for the info

    1. For all the talk about protecting Wisconsin Workers, you should see how many millions the Wisconsin Retirement System’s pension fund has invested in Chinese companies. If I’m a teacher I’m probably not pleased to see that my pension fund is investing in for profit online univesities.

      But personally, if I were a state employee, I would worry much more about my investment in Italian and Portugal Bonds.

      But don’t take my word for it:

      1. wow… that graphic kind of underlines the disconnect between the 98% screwed by corporations, the rank-and-file, & all of “us” politicos like me (polling, focus groupin’, messaging type kiddos)… our bad-ass non-“elites” in ‘Sconi are of the people though, which is why this started here. this isn’t labor or dem or GOP… this is the people finally realizing who the Gov really tap dances for (Koch/WMC/polluters/job destroying malice profiteers), and we all need to switch to jeans & t-shirts ‘n get our march on ( know Graeme ‘n most of us are jeans gals ‘n guys)… he’s a radical and we need all of Wisconsin to give him the boot

        great idea on divestment… boycott of non-allies & divestment helps Wisconsin’s economy (keep $ in WI), and is a great step over a strike which brings negative attention (unfortunately… but maybe we can change that)

        anyone thinking that France is watching this and is like; we shut France down whenever we want…

      2. I wouldn’t take your word for anything.

        Having said that, we have direct, real time experience with the Koch’s and their attack on workers rights here in Wisconsin, so WRS should start with them.

        As SuperId does a more in-depth analysis of the funds human rights violators, WRS can consider each subsequent recommendation.

    1. Jason, the link M provided above goes to the AFL-CIO website. I have to assume that shirt is union made. 😛

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