David Prosser blames Shirley Abrahamson for him calling her a “b–ch”

In announcing their endorsement of Justice David Prosser for another term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the folks over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cited Prosser’s “even temperament” as part of their rationale for their endorsement.

However, while the folks from the Journal Sentinel editorial board may think Justice Prosser possesses an “even temperament,” he’s certainly not shy about calling Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a bitch. Asked to explain his statement about Chief Justice Abrahamson, Prosser has not backed down from his statement, instead attempting to assert that he’s the victim of Justice Abrahamson’s attempts to goad people into perhaps incautious statements.

Here’s Justice Prosser on Monday night explaining why he wasn’t in the wrong for calling Chief Justice Abrahamson a bitch:

I guess Justice Prosser’s “even temperament” doesn’t include an ability to apologize for calling a female coworker a bitch, nor does it include an ability to deal with “difficult coworkers” in a manner befitting someone who holds the seat Justice Prosser holds.


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8 thoughts on “David Prosser blames Shirley Abrahamson for him calling her a “b–ch”

  1. Freedom of Speech tells interesting stories and gets people talking. David Prosser has my vote!

      1. Zach, It’s kind of the sad state of the industry. You frequently deal with adversaries that have tremendous egos. I can see how prosser would fly off the handle I’ve been there. But Abrahamson is tough. I bet she was not offended because it meant she won the argument.
        So I’ll give prosser a pass on it. He and Ziegler are the only two competent conservative justices.

        For me it comes done to competence and reasoning. The explanation of a decision is more important than the result. Whereas The public gets excited about the result of one hot button issue. I have to read that justice’s decisions for the next 10 years and deal with the impact on my clients. I prefer prosser in that regards his reasoning in his decisions is generally sound

  2. Love the “victim” mentality. Always blame someone else for your actions. Even when you are a SCJ.

  3. How disheartening. I’m a prolife conservative but after this, I can’t say whether or not I will be able to vote for you, Mr. Prosser. As a woman who has been called a bitch and been abused by arrogant men throughout my life, there is no excuse for such language by people in positions of authority.

    One would really think that you would realize by now that you don’t control other people but can only control yourself. Using such such sexist, abusive language isn’t the worst of it because we all have slip ups in heated discussions. It’s the blaming her for YOUR language that is the problem (this is what abusive men consistently tell women — you made me hit you, you made me cheat on you, you made me call you a terrible name, etc.).

    What a poor example to our young people. A sincere apology to women everywhere is in order. Please consider doing so.

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