Group seeks forest restoration through cloning trees

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Redwoods and sequoias towering majestically over California’s northern coast. Oaks up to 1,000 years old nestled in a secluded corner of Ireland. The legendary cedars of Lebanon.

They are among the most iconic trees on Earth, remnants of once-vast populations decimated by logging, development, pollution and disease. A nonprofit organization called Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is rushing to collect their genetic material and replant clones in an audacious plan to restore the world’s ancient forests and put them to work cleansing the environment and absorbing carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas largely responsible for global warming.

“In our infinite wisdom, we’ve destroyed 98 percent of the old growth forests that kept nature in balance for thousands of years,” said David Milarch, the group’s co-founder. “That’s what we intend to put back.”


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2 thoughts on “Group seeks forest restoration through cloning trees

  1. It’s good, but I hope they have enough sense to use many parent trees of the same species for cloning, not just one or two trees. This will help to maintain genetic diversity in the species, which is very important. Otherwise, when some disease or other harmful environmental change turns up, all these trees will be equally vulnerable.

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