Jon Erpenbach collects his paycheck despite draconian Republican rules

This is epic!

Senate Republicans last week passed a rule suspending the direct-deposit of absent legislators’ pay, requiring them to show up in person at the Capitol — in effect, to provide a quorum — in order to receive a check.

However, as WisPolitics reports, Erpenbach found a workaround: He granted power-of-attorney to two members of his staff, thus authorizing them to conduct many important personal decisions and financial actions on his behalf — such as picking up his paycheck.

It must have really burned Scott Fitzgerald’s ass to have to send Sen. Erpenbach his paycheck…


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7 thoughts on “Jon Erpenbach collects his paycheck despite draconian Republican rules

  1. Not a particularly good source – not exactly objective at all – but I don’t have time to watch the actual video right now:

    AWOL Wisconsin Democrat State Senator Jon Erpenbach is admitting that his mom and dad are now financially supporting him because he refuses to go back to Wisconsin to pick up his paycheck for being a state senator. In a TV interview from an undisclosed location in Chicago, the absent Erpenback also admitted that he was basically running out of money to support the hotel stay in Illinois that he has chosen for himself due to his refusal to come back to Wisconsin. He also confessed that he lives paycheck to paycheck and that he is grateful that his parents are there to prop him up. The only problem is that Erpenbach is 50 years old, which is an age that is too old for a man to still be relying on mom and dad (who are already on Social Security).

      1. No, just independent. If you’re 50 years old, living paycheck to paycheck and need to get money from your parents despite making well over $50,000 a year, you clearly aren’t very good at managing your own finances. Not so sure it’s a good idea for people who can’t manage their own budget to be responsible for a billion dollar budget and and taxpayers money.

        Is that an unreasonable view? I’m a fiscal conservative. Being prudent – a good steward of the public’s money – is one of the largest underlying issues for me.

        And I’ll admit, that I’m making some assumptions. May well be there are extenuating circumstances that explain why Senator Jon Erpenbach doesn’t have any savings – and if so, I’ll accept the flack for what happens when you assume.

        On a separate, but tangentially related issue, I’m against pensions and taxpayer funded retirement accounts for elected officials. Aside from a distaste for a livelong career as a politician, a guaranteed, solid-gold retirement is all kinds of wrong to me. For all the talk about the haves & have-nots, that’s the real two Americas. And it encourages what I consider bad behavior.

  2. Things change. He was relying on his parents and now he is getting his paycheck. Brilliant plan!! This guy is impressive!

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