Seriously there is a crisis!

No matter what Charlie Sykes tells you, its not the math teachers and special ed assistants that are breaking the country. Since I wrote about it the other day, more more information has come out. $15 billion in profits and $3 + billion in American taxpayer corporate welfare is NOT enough for them, they now need to screw over the workers and are demanding union concessions.

As Mike Elk and Think Progress point out:

After not paying any taxes and making huge profits, ThinkProgress has learned that General Electric is expected to ask its nearly 15,000 unionized employees in the United States to make major concessions.

This year, 14 unions representing more than 15,000 workers will negotiate a new master contract with General Electric. Among the major concessions GE has signaled that it will ask of union workers is the elimination of a defined contribution benefit pension for new employees, a move the company has already implemented for its non-union salaried employees. Likewise, GE is signaling to the union that it will ask for the elimination of current health insurance plans in favor of lower quality health saving accounts, a move the company has already implemented for non-union salaried employees as well.

In addition, General Electric may ask some workers for a wage freeze. Since the recession began in 2007, GE threatened to close plants in Schenectady, NY and Louisville, KY unless workers took wage concessions and adopted two-tier wage structure.

In case you were wondering, General Electric Co. Chairman and CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt\'s 2010 compensation more than doubled(from 2009) to $15.2 million!

Even Jon Stewart weighed in:


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