Shocking Revelation….

Yet another republican talking “Gotcha” talking point proves false. Last week the right wing blogosphere was giddy over the story that Senators Cullen and Risser were the authors of the Special session notice rule that “supposedly” allowed the republicans to offer no notice before passing their “non fiscal” ambush on collective bargaining rights. Some examples are : here, here and here) Yet it seems as typically happens with a right wing echo chamber talking point, not much reality to it! As The Cap times points out today:

According to research by the Legislative Reference Bureau, the rules that were passed in 1979 by the Assembly and in 1983 by the Senate made permanent procedures that the Legislature had adopted repeatedly since at least 1931 when going into special sessions.

“Prior to 1979, there was no rule governing special sessions; it was common for the legislature to adopt separate or amended rules for special sessions,” said Michael Keane, senior legislative analyst at the bureau.

The routine nature of the rules may explain why neither Risser nor Cullen remembered co-authoring them 28 years ago.

I am sure the apology and mea culpas are going up all over the right wing blogs, right next to the apologies for parroting the $7.5 million dollar capitol clean up fable.


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  1. The main issue is that Senate rules have absolutely nothing to do with how a joint committee operates. Senate rules only apply to Senate committees. If they had referred the bill to the Senate Committee on Labor, that rule would have mattered. Joint Committees operate by joint rules, and there is no joint rule exempting joint committees from the noticing requirement.

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