Some Saturday reading…

Here’s a few items that caught my eye as I was surfing the intertubes over the past few days:

  • Over at Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse, Jake has an excellent synopsis of some of the budgetary shenanigans contained in Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011-2013 biennial budget.
  • Jake also has a great comparison of Gov. Walker and former Marquette University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean…it’s worth a read!
  • Oh, and did you hear that Gov. Walker is being sued? He is, and not surprisingly, he’s being sued for failing to respond to an open records request. So much for governor-elect Walker’s promise to be responsive to open records requests and to make his administration a model of transparency.

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14 thoughts on “Some Saturday reading…

      1. Oh come on Zach!! Mayor Barrett rocked it out of the house with his announcement saying the MPD/MFD will have to give the same concessions that are in the “Walker Budget Repair Bill”. Didn’t you read it?

        1. I saw that…’s certainly a big story, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out with the unions. I saw the head of the firefighters union is already grousing about it.

          1. Yeah…I don’t care about the firefighters so much…but I can’t wait to hear the MPA’s reaction…just so I can laugh some more! I love Mayor Barrett!

            1. I have to take that back! I heard Mayor Barrett on the news last night saying the MFD was asking for a double digit raise. Then…Seager was on the news whining that Mayor Barrett went to the public and told them what was going on. Well…duh…the taxpayers are the ones who would be paying for the double digit raise…so shouldn’t they at least hear about it? And…they have been trying to get this raise for over a year now unsuccessfully…so I guess we all know why they endorsed Walker. I can’t wait to hear more details on what the MPD/MPA is trying to get.

              1. Yeah, I just watched Mayor Barrett talking about the raises MFD wants, and I think it’s absolutely outrageous that they want a double-digit raise while everyone else is taking cuts in pay and benefits.

                1. The more I think about this…the more it bothers me. Here we have two unions (MPD/MFD) who supported Republicans in the 2010 elections…including Walker who had already begun his war on public employees by going after the county employees…and these two republican supporting unions are the only two unions who are demanding double digit raises. Does anyone else find this as interesting as I do??

                  1. I think it’s interesting, and I’d love to hear their justification for requesting a double-digit increase.

                    1. Justification? Who needs that when you are collective bargaining? Why aren’t you supporting your union brothers?

  1. So I suppose you’re okay with the MFD union requesting a double digit wage increase?

    And who said I didn’t support my union brothers? I’m simply asking a question that I’m sure a lot of folks are asking. I know it might blow your mind, but I’ll be the first to admit labor unions aren’t perfect.

    1. Never said I was ok with a union getting a double digit wage increase, but that’s what you might get with collective bargaining.

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