State Sen. Dale Schultz: Walker’s attack on unions a “classic overreach”

Listen as Republican State Senator Dale Schultz explains on radio station WEKZ earlier today why he believes Gov. Scott Walker’s budget “repair”/union busting bill is a “classic overreach.”

It’s safe to say Sen. Schultz isn’t making many friends within the Republican Senate caucus…


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8 thoughts on “State Sen. Dale Schultz: Walker’s attack on unions a “classic overreach”

  1. Well I am back and I have to send Sen. Schultz a huge thank you!!! I am not a Republican or a Democrat but I am a proud American and you just made me prouder. Your discourse and logic is honorable and hopefully shared amongst party lines.

  2. How long until the far right nuts try to “purify” the Republican party of this man?

    1. You mean like how you guys “purified” Plale? Please show me the difference.

      1. It’s disturbing no matter who does it. I’ve said as much before when it’s come to Democrats too.

      2. Sen. Shultz’s district went 61% for Pres. Obama in 2008, and it also went for John Kerry in 2004, so Shultz’s position on the budget “repair” bill seems to be consistent with his constituents.

        Jeff Plale lost his election because his record as a legislator wasn’t consistent with what his constituents wanted, and that’s why he lost.

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