Statement from Rep. Chris Sinicki on Republican assault on public employees

On Thursday Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki issued a statement the efforts by her Republican counterparts to weaken/cripple Wisconsin’s public employee unions as part of a concerted effort to weaken the ability of the unions to counter right-wing special interest groups and their ability to pour vast amounts of money into political campaigns:

“These are times that try the souls of proud Wisconsin Badgers,” Sinicki said. “As an elected official, I was denied the opportunity to speak on behalf of the 55,000 of my fellow citizens whom I represent in Madison. Wisconsin Republicans have disobeyed a court order, violated the state open meetings law, passed undrafted legislation and trampled on our state constitution all in their effort to strip Wisconsin workers of their rights. From policy to procedure, this process has been appalling. My Republican colleagues should be ashamed of the shady tactics they used to silence the voices of Wisconsin taxpayers.”

Sinicki expressed dismay that many of her legislative colleagues were denied access to the State Capitol for hours on the day of such a crucial vote. The move to force this legislation to a vote follows three weeks of protests by working people from across the State of Wisconsin at the State Capitol.

“This bill is not about fixing the budget, this bill is not about closing the deficit, this bill is not about creating jobs – this legislation is a politically motivated attack on hard-working people from Bayfield to Bayview, Milwaukee to Pewaukee,” Sinicki said. “Apparently Governor Walker and my Republican colleagues have given up on Wisconsin for Lent. Corporations and out-of-state billionaires have bought and paid for our state’s policy-making process. Wisconsin taxpayers have had enough of the reckless budget-busting giveaways to corporate special interests. I was proud to stand with our state’s public servants against this outrageous legislation.”


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