This ought to be Chris Abele’s next campaign ad

While I’m not in any way associated with the campaign of Milwaukee County Executive candidate Chris Abele, I can’t help but think this would be a fantastic campaign ad:

I’m not exactly sure how the geniuses at Jeff Stone’s campaign thinking tying Stone more closely to Gov. Scott Walker is going to help Stone win the Milwaukee County Executive race, but hopefully they’ll use the few weeks remaining until the election to make it abundantly clear that Jeff Stone would be the second coming of Scott Walker for residents of Milwaukee County.

H/T to illusory tenant and folkbum.


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3 thoughts on “This ought to be Chris Abele’s next campaign ad

  1. Is anyone sponsoring a debate for Abele/Stone?

    I for one would like to see that happen.

  2. Tom Barrett had the nerve to show up and participate in the discussion as well – off with his head! 🙂

  3. This stunt was an effort to garner support for Walker at any expense including Stone’s chances at the winning the Exec race. Lost in this commentary is that Walker goes to Waukesha to meet with his supporters??? I thought he learned everything about running efficient local government from his stint as Milwaukee Co. Exec. If he was so successful surely there would be throngs of supporters in Milwaukee County just lining up to shower him with affection.

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