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  1. Palin is a horrible mother and has successfully created one unwed teen mom, one son sent into the military instead of getting held accountable for his questionable behavior, and knowing brought a handicap/disabled child into this world who sucks money off the government…in a way Palin loves to demonize: SOCIALISM.(“Sarah Palin can well afford any health care costs for her grandson, unless, she is now accepting the idea of socialized medicine. It would seem so, because Tripp, is on socialized medicine”- http://freakoutnation.com/2010/02/20/sarah-palin-

    Speaking of socialism, Gov Palin practiced SOCIALISM herself openly. (11-7-2008 – Sarah Palin enthusiastically practices socialism, Alaska-style: http://www.adn.com/opinion/story/581484.html)

    Seems all is okay when you are a white conservative christian in the USA. I think someone should travel back in time and kill off all those liberal-progressive-leftists-socialists that stepped up to the plate to have the tossing of christians into pits of lions for entertainment outlawed…..DAMN THEM LEFTIST TREE HUGGING SOCIALISTS !!!!

    1. Corey, I just want to address one point you made, that being the issue you raise about Sarah Palin knowingly bringing a handicapped/disabled child into this world “who sucks money off the government.”

      My son is autistic, which presents our family with daily challenges (and triumphs), and though my wife and I didn’t know our son would be autistic when she was pregnant, even if we had we wouldn’t have changed a thing, because children are a blessing, no matter if they’re handicapped, disabled, healthy, etc. I suppose you could level the same attack you leveled against Sarah Palin against me, but I think it’s a really flawed attack that’s lacking in compassion.

    2. WOW, Cory….I suspect you have no children in your life. Children are not political fodder to be used to make a point.

  2. I am not a fan of Sarah Palin and some of the things she says sends me over the edge, but this column (you linked) is inappropriate. Her son does not enter into any discussion of his parents and should not be used in anyone’s agenda.

    I agree absolutely despicable!!!!!

  3. Having thought more about this, I’ll also add disgusting and shameful to my list of adjectives to describe how I feel about the smear that I linked to.

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