Alberta Darling recall effort to hold rally tomorrow

From my email inbox comes news of a “big” rally planned for tomorrow:

Fellow Recallers,

We have something very big planned for tomorrow.

We are asking everyone to please join us tomorrow–Thursday, April 21st at Kletzsch Park in Glendale at 12:00pm.

We need you to bring any signed petitions you may have to this event. As we near our goal we want to make sure every signature is counted. The more signatures we have, the stronger the message we send to Sen. Darling and Gov. Walker.

We have a big announcement to make at this rally so please–spread this message to everyone you know who has been involved in the recall campaign. We will be announcing our plans to move forward with this campaign.

If you’d like to learn more about tomorrow’s event, or if you’d like to RSVP, visit the event’s Facebook page.

What: Recall Alberta Darling Rally
Where: Kletzsch Park – 6560 North Milwaukee River Parkway; Glendale, WI
When: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

What I’d like to know – and what no one that I’ve contacted has been willing to tell me – is what the “big announcement” will be at tomorrow’s rally. The obvious guess is that the “big announcement” will be that the effort to recall Alberta Darling has gathered enough signatures to trigger a recall, but a part of me can’t help but wonder if the announcement will involve a possible opponent to Sen. Darling in a recall.


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14 thoughts on “Alberta Darling recall effort to hold rally tomorrow

  1. Chris Bowers, a diarist over at Daily Kos just posted the following a little while ago:

    “Graeme Zielinski, the spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, confirms to me that Democrats will submit approximately 30,000 signatures for the recall of Alberta Darling — nearly 150 percent of the 20,343 required.”

    So, it’s definitely going to be a BIG announcement!

    This is number five for the Democrats and anti-Walker forces. And yet, even though we’re in Fitzwalkerstan, the Republicans seem to be stumbling in their recall efforts, without a single petition filing, to date.

    I guess that it just comes down to a simple matter of right versus wrong, the difference between principled efforts versus those prompted by rank partisanship.

    Five down. Three to go.


    1. Yeah, I guess I was a little behind the eight ball on this one….however I think the fact that they got 150% of the necessary signatures in Darling’s district, which is far more moderate than the others that have been announced, certainly seems to be a good indicator of how fired up folks are.

  2. Because parts of Washington & Ozaukee Co. are in Alberta’s district, she has been difficult to defeat in an election. Last time out was Sheldon Wasserman and I suspect he is willing to try again.

    I hope there has been enough stirring of the pot in Madison to change the outcome to our advantage.

    1. I think Wasserman would be a great candidate, and I’m also hearing Rep. Sandy Pasch’s name mentioned as a possible challenger.

    2. I’d really like to see Sandy Pasch to make a go of it. Wasserman’s great, but he had his shot.

  3. Sandy Pasch would be a tremendous candidate, and actually would be afforded the ability to work harder than Sheldon, since Dr. Wasserman sees patients pretty much daily.

    Ozakee and Washington County portions of this district are difficult. However, when you look at the 3 assembly districts, being Pasch, Ott, and Knodl it would be difficult, but not impossible. If you look at the demographics at 22 (ott) it deosn’t look unreachable.

    1. I think of all the Republicans facing possible recalls, Darling’s seat is the toughest to get for Democrats, but that being said I think the right candidate could certainly capitalize on the momentum we have right now to send Darling into retirement.

      1. I patently disagree.

        Olsen’s is more difficult by the numbers.

        Harsdorf is more difficult based on the geography and the media profile (You have to buy Twin Cities media, as well as Eau Claire/LaCrosse)

        I think the most likely 3 to lose their recall election are Kapanke, Hopper, Cowles/Darling, Harsdorf then Olsen.

        (Cowles hasn’t been opposed since nineteen aught two, but at heart he’s truely a moderate who’s strayed and hates it. He won’t be afforded that credibility in a recall election)

        1. Thanks for correcting me, and you do raise some excellent points about the makeups of the districts involved in these recalls. I think Kapanke and Hopper are as good as gone, given the demographics of their districts and the opponents that have lined up to run against them.

          1. I think Hopper is still a fight. I wouldn’t say it’s a forgone conclusion.

            As for Shilling V. Kapanke. Shilling should have an edge, however if the republicans purchase the 94th Assembly District (a trending dem district with a better candidate who is currently being slandered by big Koch and School Choice Money) it becomes more difficult.

            Clark V. Olson is a hard one, because the farther north you get, the worse it is. He’s from the southern most tip of that district. I also hope they don’t put his car accident on TV. They avoided it in his last election, but this one is for keeps and they’ve already started to dig on him.

            Cowles is a seat that could flip if the right candidate emerges. The best candidate isn’t available, and if they find someone credible it could be a fight.

              1. Former Democratic LG Candidate, State Assembly Majority Leader and Current Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson.

                I also think former Assemblyman and current Kaukauna City Council President Lee Meyerhofer could be a tough beat for cowles.

  4. You guys have really been working hard. I’m from Monona(Madison) so can’t be there in person, but will be there in SPIRIT. Congrats to all for a super effort.
    Bill Thomas

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