Another day, another Scott Walker crony appointment

When faced with a decision on who to choose as the next register of deeds for Marinette County, Republican Governor Scott Walker was faced with a “difficult” decision: choose one of the three candidates with detailed knowledge of how the office of the register of deeds works, including two deputies who have worked in that same office for years, or choose a candidate with absolutely no experience at all but who happens to be politically connected a Republican lawmaker. While it seems logical Gov. Walker, valuing “good government,” would choose one of the experienced candidates, however apparently logic didn’t play into Gov. Walker’s decision, as he chose Renee Miller, who’s not only a friend of Republican State Rep. John Nygren – she has also worked on his political campaigns for five years and is married to his campaign treasurer, Paul Miller.

According to Dan Bice’s report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a background check was performed on Becky Chasensky, one of the experienced, qualified candidates, but not on Miller. Also of note is that while Chasensky had 16 letters of recommendation to be appointed as the Marinette County register of deeds, Miller had just one letter of recommendation, which unsurprisingly came from Re. Nygren.

I guess in Scott Walker’s vision of Wisconsin, it’s not important what you know; what’s most important is who you know – just ask Brian Deschane.


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