Dave Hansen recall office broken into, burglarized

The Green Bay Press Gazette is reporting the office of the “Recall Dave Hansen”effort was broken into and burglarized sometime between the afternoon of Thursday, April 14 and the morning of Friday, April 15.

In an email to media, organizers of the “Recall Dave Hansen” effort blamed the break-in on “the (opposition) of ‘Recall Dave Hansen,'” but given the fondness the ‘Recall Dave Hansen’ effort has for hiring convicted felons to gather their signatures, perhaps a suspect isn’t a political opponent after all.


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36 thoughts on “Dave Hansen recall office broken into, burglarized

  1. “In an email to media, organizers of the Recall Dave Hansen effort blamed the break-in on the [opposition]. . .”

    Based on what? The need to boost a listless Recall Dave Hansen effort? (*laughing*).

    But, seriously, what evidence did they offer to support the allegation?

      1. I thought they said no signatures were stolen, just a computer, t-shirts, petitions sheets, and signs. While still costly, I didn’t hear that they stole actual signature – just petitions according to their group on Facebook. Which is a huge difference, even if it is still illegal. One thing that gets me though?

        Organizers of the effort, in an email to media, blamed the break-in on “the (opposition) of ‘Recall Dave Hansen.'” Police said they did not have descriptions of suspects.

        What I find funny is the fact that it’s in a busy part of the town with traffic going through it constantly – because the incident occurred between 5 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. Friday. And around that area in particular, there is always always traffic to at least see something going on. I know the area fairly well and you can even see people walking around up into 2 am. What also gets me is that they don’t have any suspect from DNA evidence or strands of clothing evidence from the broken window — if they even climbed through it. Taking a computer (even if it’s a laptop), shirts, and signs is definitely not an easy task to do and someone has to have seen it in that area.

        My suspicions are justified I think – normally I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. But the Republicans have suggested false flag operations and acts of violence towards protesters. Not to mention those 40 shells found around the entrances capitol on the day when there were the most police around at the entrances. Do I think it’s possible some people on the left did this? Yes. But when people do crimes like this, they are not nearly as clean – they’re emotional.

        A possibility to me is how this happened and not be noticed? Is unlock the door, go in, take the things, walk out — then as you leave? Break the window.

        1. I’m betting it’s a hoax that they’ll use as an excuse not to file a recall against Sen. Hansen. Either that, or they’re trying to deflect attention away from the fact that they hired a CONVICTED FELON to gather signatures for them.

          1. From the WGBA website….

            Vander Leest says only about 150 signatures were taken and even without those names they still have enough to file their recall Hansen petition.

        2. Have you ever been in that building? Have you ever been behind that building? Do you really know what it is like around that building? You keep saying DNA evidence,no strands of clothing left behind, what the hell do you think this is a hollywood movie set? Do you think because glass was broken they cut themselves? Have you ever been a victim of a real crime or just what you see on tv. There is very little foot traffic even during the busiest time of the day in that area and at night it is next to non existent, I lived there for 24 years I know that are very well. Do you even know what is behind this building the CITY garage, filled with union people every day and night…..

          Let me help you out take a look at the area where the break-in in took place. The red pin is the building that was broken into.


          1. >Implying that union members are going to break in because they are at the city garage behind it.

            Yes, I have been in the building. Yes I have been behind the building. Yes I go there often because my two sisters live around there and have for five years. And I know for a fact things are left behind like that – I used to climb into old homes with broken windows and take photographs — I was always scratched or my clothes were ripped even I wore sturdy ones. Even brushing against it could cut my hand. Windows broken like that cut and leave blood. Even tiny little jagged edges of glass near the window can rip and tear. This is something that always happens unless you actually don’t go through the window. This isn’t ‘Hollywood’ but this is based on reality – why else do you think when people break into a house or building people immediately find them after a few days or weeks? Blood and clothing evidence.

            Keep in mind: I am not saying that the Republicans in charge of Recall Hansen are responsible for this. However, I do think it’s possible that a felon who works for Recall Hansen could have done this. After all, they didn’t check their backgrounds very well.

            1. Of course it was union members who broke in, because in Notalib’s mind all union members are thugs and criminals.

              1. The only way it really ‘changed’ was because it became low income people moving there – so a ton of minorities moved there – my sisters and their respective boyfriends included because they have pretty low income jobs Green Bay. I think I know the area very well, yes I suppose to some people it is ‘scary’ to see due to the fact they are low income.

                Furthermore, if it was the union — logically wouldn’t they take more than 150 signatures? Why not make it an all or nothing deal? It’s like when Kapanke said his car was broken by union thugs but it was actually mother nature and a pebble that snacked into his windshield. If union thugs were going to destroy the car, they would destroy it.

  2. They announced on Tuesday they had enough signatures, and then on Thursday a break-in happens where a stack of the signatures were stolen, too bad for the union operatives who did it that there are still plenty of signatures left to recall this lazy fleebagger Hansen, maybe he can get his garbage collecting job back once he is kicked out of Madison. I feel sorry for the hard working men and women of the city of Green Bay sanitation dept who would have to work with this lazy sob.

    1. Boy, you really are fond of the use of insults, aren’t you?

      Why can’t you ever make a point without using some sort of insult to do so?

    2. Where’s the evidence supporting your claims, Notalib?

      Calling Dave Hanson a “lazy slob” and a “lazy fleebagger”, throwing in a partisan-based non sequitor like “union operatives” and doing “victory dance” over the purported fact that Recall Dave Hanson “. . .[has] enough signatures. . .” isn’t evidence.

      It may make you feel better because it’s a nice, little emotional release for you, much like a temper tantrum is for a five year-old, but it doesn’t evidence anything.

      So, do you have any evidence or not?

      For the record, the “evidence” here, if all we’re going to rely on is innuendo, is equally strong that the break-in at Recall Dave Hanson was a “false flag” operation by Republican/Koch Brothers/Scott Walker/Fill-in-the-blank “operatives”. In the present context, given that discussion that Scott Walker and the pretend David Koch had about the possibility of planting “troublemakers” in the crowds of pro-union demonstrators, the “evidence” would suggest that desperate Recall Dave Hanson supporters staged the break in.

      For the record, I’m not asserting the latter. I personally think that we need to get away from innuendo, away from the kind of “case” based on it, along with demonizing your opponents with little more than elementary schooyard insults, that people like Notalib always seems to make.

      Anyway, Notalib, try to remember that your “fleebagger”, Notalib, is a hero to many. Your “lazy slob” is a hardworking and staunch advocate for working people in Wisconsin to many. Try to remember that, and couch your arguments in more respectful and objective language. Try basing your arguments on actual facts, rather than insults.

      You should also try to remember that just throwing the phrase, “union operatives” into a point that you are trying to make doesn’t actually link the unions or their supporters to the Recall Dave Hanson break-in.

      Furthermore, and in the context of your comment and its clearly intended point, your “celebration” of the purported fact that Recall Dave Hanson has enough signature to qualify its petition for the ballot, building as it did on the “union operatives” phrase that you parachuted into the comment, is disquieting, but not particularly surprising.

      Dave Hanson’s supporters were not “celebrating” the break-in, so what were you crowing about? And why did you feel the need to crow about it?

      Stop jumping to the worst conclusions about your political opponents by default just because they are on the other side on an issue. Stop seeing “conspiracies” and “connections” at the drop of a hat just because it is politically convenient to do so. At a minimum, stop shooting your mouth off about things that you cannot prove.


      1. I am pretty much written your post off but I will respond to this one. Dave Hansen DOES NOT represent the working people of Wisconsin this fleebagger only represents the union people of Wisconsin a very small percentage of his constituents. I use to See Dave at St Patricks from time to time I always wondered how he could pretend to be Catholic and yet support the murder of babies…..thy guy is a phony and fits in well with the less than honorable people of the Democratic party.

        1. Where is the evidence that Dave Hanson’s supporters had anything to do with the break-in?

        2. Nothing but meaningless “union operatives” innuendo. Can you offer us anything to prove that Dave Hanson supporters were responsible for the break-in?

        3. Notalib – “I am [sic]pretty much written your post off but I will respond to this one.”

          My response – So, you “[wrote] off” the part of my post that asked you to stop demonizing your political opponents and to provide proof for your allegations and those of Recall Dave Hanson that Hanson supporters were responsible for the break-in?

          How very convenient, but not particularly surprising.

          Notalib wrote – “Dave Hansen DOES NOT represent the working people of Wisconsin this [sic] fleebagger only represents the union people of Wisconsin a very small percentage of his constituents.”

          My response – And yet he got elected. . .

          Notalib wrote – “I use [sic] to See [sic]Dave at St [sic] Patricks [sic] from time to time [sic] I always wondered how he could pretend to be Catholic and yet support the murder of babies…..thy [sic] guy is a phony[. . .]”

          My response – Dave Hanson doesn’t support the murder of babies. He supports a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body.

          Hanson isn’t “pretending” to be a Catholic, any more than the 98% of Catholic women who use birth control methods other than the rhythm method are. His faith is between him and his God.

          Simply because you dislike abortion and think that Hanson is “pretending” to be a Catholic because he disagrees with you about abortion doesn’t change that, and it certainly isn’t relevant to the discussion here, not that relevance has ever gotten in the way of you using a really juicy elementary schoolyard insult to demonize someone.

          Time to grow up, Notalib. Try having an adult conversation for once, free of insults and “analysis” based on your own biases and misconceptions. You might also try staying on topic. If you need a refresher, this subject blog post is about a break-in at the Recall Dave Hanson headquarters.

          Notalib wrote – “. . .[Hanson] fits in well with the less than honorable people of the Democratic party.”

          Is there any wonder why I just end up throwing my hands up in the air, say “screw it”, and make fun of you or can’t you JUST stop demonizing people? Do you honestly think that this kind of crap “changes hearts and minds”? Well, it doesn’t. It just makes you look like a partisan hack with very little gray matter.



          Present real proof, Notalib, or STFU. . .

        4. Come on, Notalib, say something. Ignoring all of my substantive points and simply responding with a “la la la. . .I can’t hear you” kind of comment doesn’t actually insulate you from the perception on the part of everyone here that you don’t really have anything to say in response, that you don’t have any “proof” to provide, and that your comments are nothing more than garbled syntax and insults.

          Seriously, you need to be in a wingnut echo chamber. We don’t mind civil and intelligent disagreement on the issues, but you really don’t seem capable of it. Move on, huh?

          By remaining, all you really accomplish is to convince everyone else here that people on your side of the political equation are clueless, inarticulate, possessed of not much more than insults and innuendo, AND not particularly intelligent.

          Hmmmmmm. . .Never mind. CARRY ON. . .

  3. Now, really, which political side has a history of dirty tricks? sounds like an inside job too me…too many Utah signatures?

  4. Another little known fact besides having a union garage right behind the building that was broken into the Brown County DNC HQ is just down the block from the breakin.

        1. That’s an awful lot of jagged glass at the bottom of that window – I’d expect that whomever broke the window to “break in” would have left fibers and blood, unless they jumped through the window like it was a hoop.

            1. I saw your other theory just after I posted my comment….clearly great minds think alike.

              Perhaps it was a team of disgruntled acrobats…..someone should check with Cirque Du Soleil to see if those folks have alibis.

          1. But continuing here is another photo to give you an idea of how far it is off the ground. That would be hard to get by climbing in and it would definitely need a ladder. Considering the Democratic Party however said to investigate it for what it is worth completely? I am positive that they have had nothing to do with it.

            1. Really – how could anyone fit through that window without bleeding all over the place or knocking those shards of glass out when going through it?

              Not to mention, all the glass was broken soon afterward if you notice in the second photo I gave you.

            2. According to my grandma who was watching the news last night, they said according to a forensic analysis it looked like whatever was tossed — was tossed from the inside according to the photo.

                1. She saw it either on Channel 2 or Channel 5. She was switching between the channels, so I’m trying to look this up if the clip is online or not as she said.

                2. According to the report that she heard there was no blood at the scene nor was there any clothing damage whatsoever. While I think she might have heard wrong with it being tossed from inside, the lack of blood is the portion that is questionable.

      1. Obviously someone from the Local Ninja’s Union broke in by diving head first through the glass without injury.

  5. What would have been a good gesture, had not the recall Hanson supporters immediately blamed the anti-Walker folks (i.e. union members and supporters) for the break in would be to donate supplies and maybe even a little cash as a gesture of good will to this campaign. However, it looks like the anti-Hanson folks immediately burned their bridges when this incident occurred.

  6. Obviously I wrote the above before I looked at the photographs. I’ve never seen a more obvious set up since my sister once bit herself and ran to my mother crying that I bit her. The teeth marks didn’t match and she was busted!

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