Dennis Kucinich exposes Scott Walker’s “budget repair” bill for what it is: union busting

Earlier today Jeff pointed out how Gov. Scott Walker lied during testimony Walker gave to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and I just wanted to post some video of the exchange between Gov. Walker and Rep. Kucinich, who asks Walker to explain how forcing unions to recertify every year helps Wisconsin’s fiscal bottom line.

The fact is, it’s plainly obvious to anyone with half a brain that despite what Gov. Walker may want people to believe, his intent was not to help the state’s fiscal situation – it was to significantly weaken labor unions and their political clout.


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15 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich exposes Scott Walker’s “budget repair” bill for what it is: union busting

  1. It was nice to see The Wanker ™ finally have some semblance of emotion, albeit it was probably the same feeling he gets when he is constipated…. After all, sociopathic narcissists don’t really feel many emotions anyway.

  2. This actually brings up a very good point to me. I think every Governor should be hauled before congress once a year to answer questions. Walker is clearly over his head as a Governor. Putting them on display for EVERY American is the right thing to do.

    I wonder how many more are over their heads.

    1. Yeah, because the idiots in Congress who can’t remotely manage their own affairs, should be meddling in the 50 states’ governing.

      How about you idiots actually deal with your own problems, huh? Absolutely obscene budget deficits, etc. Any Congress that needs to string together CRs and raise the debt is an utter failure at governing and has no business getting involved in state and local issues.

      1. Hmmmmm, can you spell, “deflection”, you incoherent reactionary teabaggger?!

        Speaking of incoherent reactionary teabagging trolls, why hasn’t Notalib chimed in here yet? (*laughing*)

        Look, Locke, Walker went to Capitol Hill as part of his “propaganda/fundraising for the Republican 8”. He thought that the hearing would be just one more opportunity for him to spout his nonsense. Don’t blame the Democratic congresspeople for not only not giving him the opportunity to do so, but in making him admit that his BS had been BS, e.g. “Okay, I NEVER really explicitly said that I was going to attempt to destroy collective bargaining rights during the campaign.”

        Typical disingenuous, rightwing crap, Locke. Save it for the wingnut echo chambers, huh?

        1. Typical disingenuous, rightwing crap, Locke. Save it for the wingnut echo chambers, huh?

          New here? Anyone who’s read my posts here and has any reading comprehension knows that agree or disagree with me, I’m never disingenuous. My opinions are my own and come from no talking head, party or organization.

          Also – I didn’t make any mention of party affiliation at all in my previous post. The same holds true to the idiots in DC regardless of the letter following their name – get your own damn house in order before screwing with the states. I know it’s not popular – I know most have given up, believing it’s a lost cause, but I make no apologies…I am an unabashed federalist.

          1. Can’t the same be said of the States? I’m not aware of any State who is in the BLACK. All of them are in the RED. So I do think its disingenuous for States to claim the FEDS are spending too much money when they do the same thing.

            They claim to balance their budgets every year. All they do is move numbers. But every year they come up short.

            Is that how you want the FEDS to operate?

            Again, haul them into congress once a year or once every two years. But haul them in none the less. The American people deserve to know if Governors are following the constitution when it comes to REALLY balancing the budget.

            1. First, use google. It’s your friend. You will learn that several states are in the black.

              Second, actually read the US Constitution. Read the 10th amendment twice.

              Last, look up what tu quoque means.

              1. squid – the 10th amendment is dead. I’m not quite sure how, since I wasn’t aware of a later amendment explicitly negating it, but for all intents & purposes, in practice, it is.

                By all means, I like to encourage people to read the Constitution for themselves too. Unfortunately, it usually seems to be met with the reaction that it’s some quaint, antiquated law like being prohibited from buying a motorcycle on Sundays or something.

      2. Sort of a conundrum wouldn’t you say? If we have idiots in congress then I wonder what idiots voted them in. I’d rather have idiots asking questions than no one asking questions.

        Plus, it will give Congress something to do other than bicker.

  3. Most people follow the national politics. Rarely do they know what’s going on in their own State unless it’s on the MSM.

    I say that to say this. The American people would know more about their own State if Governors were hauled in to answer questions.

    I don’t care if a baby is asking the questions.

  4. Walker was over his head. He is taking Wisconsin down the path of ruination of the middle class. People unfortunately are not seeing it. Without the middle class America becomes a second rate nation. We are headed there and I feel sorry for the young people of today. Privatization of everything will not work. I hope Americans finally see what is truly happening in their country and step up and take back what has been lost. Walker just wants to destroy any rights to bargain. It is not about money saving at all.

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