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  1. That’s right when the topic is a woman….insult her looks….that always is the first way to discredit.

    1. Yep. Sexism pure and simple.

      That said, Fred Dooley shouldn’t be making fun of ANYBODY based upon the way that they look.

      Have you seen what Fred Dooley looks like?! Yikes!!!

      A face and a body only a mother [heifer] could love.

      1. Drooley removed his photo from the linked public page immediately after I put the link up. . .

        (*laughing*). . .

        Hypocritical rightwing douchebag, with a face only a mother [heifer] could love!

      1. I’m going to be doing an end of the year awards-type thing, so perhaps that can be nominated for comment of the year.

  2. Fred is my favorite kinda of human
    the one who decries people from doing the very idiocy and improper actions that he partakes in.

    He’s a high level hypocrite.

    1. Maybe you should stay out of this one, Randy.

      People might just take it as an opportunity to make fun of the way that you look:


      Better to focus on character and accomplishments, even when your target’s character and accomplishments far outweigh your own, don’tcha think, Big [and I mean BIG] R?

      In any event, Dooley is an infantile, sexist tool for posting what he posted. And you are a tool for leaping to his defense, even indirectly, for no better reason than rank partisan politics.

  3. Randy, aren’t you the same guy who posted a few racist pictures of Obama a few years ago? Before you start throwing stones at Zach, maybe you should make sure you don’t live in a glass house.

  4. AGS, first they were taking off the same website that Zach used and they were political satire, but we know the game and the rules played and Zach and his friends tried to get my blog taken off and it didn’t work. I do have the email from MJS that even stated they were not racist and it was a knee jerk reaction to remove it and I could put them back up.

    Notice you don’t disagree that Zach did a Skeltor post.

    Us on the right will not fall for things any more now that we know the rules.


    **** Rule 32: If you can’t win arguments be determined to silence the other side. In the end, we only want likeminded people and we want others to submit to our will and if they don’t demolish them to the point they become silent and cower in the corner. Make them become a turtle.

    **** Rule 33: Claim you are offended in order to demand that the conservative be muzzled and discredited. Modus operandi is especially effective when the supposedly offensive remark has anything to do with race. Invoke ‘civility,’ when it is in our interest (to get conservatives to shut up), but otherwise feel free to use the vilest language possible. Criticize others, for fear of accusations of racism, sexism and every other ism is a powerful tool.

    Zach I was talking with Jay Weber and he reminded me that your weekly idea is just a copy of Vicki’s troll of the week and you know that since you have been so up on her lately and that is your MO to copy others ideas as he pointed out to you a few years ago. I told him that copying is the best way of showing flattery.

    1. they were political satire

      As were the Sambo and picaninny caricatures. Racism and satire aren’t mutually exclusive.

    2. For the record, here’s my post about the pictures Randy posted and here’s the Skeletor post Randy is referring to. I’ll let you all be the judges of the two posts.

      Randy, I had a hard time discerning what my “weekly idea” that you were referring to is, so I’m hoping you can clarify. Are you referring to my “topic of the week” posts, or are you referring to something else? You really need to be more clear when you’re posting, because it’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to articulate.

      1. I’m still waiting for Randy to explain what he meant by my “weekly idea.”

        Anyone wanna place bets on whether or not he’ll bother to clarify?

    3. And for the record, I didn’t try to get your blog “taken off;” I simply reported your post as offensive, which I felt (and still do feel) it was.

      1. Thanks for the backstory Zachary. They are clearly racist and amazingly not surprising from an “alpha mAle”. I have a feeling he won’t be back to attempt to defend.

  5. Randy you forgot rule number 1 that was played to perfection by Karl Rove in both Bush campaigns. Accuse the other side of doing exactly what your doing, it allows for more leeway and then they cant criticize you for the dirty tricks. The problem is rove is a professional and the local people who try to follow him are just amateurs.

    The right has been all over trying to make an issue of Kloppenburgs looks. You will also find a hard time coming up with an example of anyone on “our”side trying to silence debate. Our blog is open to everyone, the problem with Fred is that he comes in throws a silly post up and disappears because he knows he cant back it up.

    No one wants to silence the right,(by the way how many progressive callers are allowed on the air with sykes,pyzinski or belling?) i just wish you would have well thought out view points.

    PS: I forgot right wing rule number 2. Your always the victim.

        1. It’s both enlightening and depressing that the Republicans/conservatives/wingnuts feel so comfortable revealing their true “let’s take American back [to the 1950s]” mindset/values these days.

  6. Frankenstien found his bride kloppenstien.Together they can terrify farmers and small business

    1. @ Ray

      And people like you and Randy Hollenbeck can “terrify” everyone else with your ignorance.

      Since you’re getting so damn personal for no better reason than to take a cheap, demeaning, sexist and woefully juvenile political shot at Joanne Kloppenburg, why not post a photo of yourself, and give us all here the opportunity to define YOU by the way that you look, huh?

      This isn’t sixth grade anymore, Ray.

  7. This is due to Fred’s medication and Southern upbringing. It’s part of a stimulus package he received in the mail yesterday.

  8. Little homey that’s all you know is cheap and demeaning. After reading your comments the last few days we know who the juvenile is!Zack bla bla bla.Notalib owns you.Take off your tinfoil hat and get out of mom’s basement Troll

    1. You’re on a progressive website, and YOU’RE calling me the “troll”. (*laughing*)

      Still isn’t sixth grade anymore, Ray Ray, or should I say, “Notalib”?

      1. Think about it, Zach. Doesn’t the “Zack [sic], bla [sic], bla [sic], bla [sic]” reference kind of stand out like a sore thumb in this short stack of incoherence?

        It’s clearly a reference to the ONE time that I jumped in directly to defend a position that you had taken, when Notalib just. . .could. . .not. . .[i.e. was JUST too stupid to] figure out that you weren’t editing his comments in the comment thread under the article here entitled, “Sarah Palin gets a warm welcome in Madison”.

        That suggests that this comment of Ray’s was some kind of visceral “Team Notalib” overreaction to what I wrote there about Notalib, and the amazing combination of mean-spirited arrogance, bullheadedness and stupidity that he exhibited there [in actuality, it is something which taints pretty much everything that he has ever written here from what I can see].

        While, as you know, I tried to explain to Notalib why he was wrong to accuse you of editing his comments, I did also mock him a bit (hard not to). Among other things, I referred to him as “little homey”.

        Anyway, Zach, if you connect the circumstantial evidence dots, it is relatively easy to see that Ray’s comment is directed at me, right down to employing a tried and true, standard-issue elementary schoolyard, “I know you are, but what am I” defense/offense. Ray clearly, for some reason, experienced an extraordinary amount of “referred hurt” as the apparently proximate result of my “putting the hurt” (T. called it “butthurt”) on Notalib on “Sarah Palin gets warm welcome in Madison.

        If I didn’t know better, I’d probably say that Notalib, himself, wrote Ray’s comment. Looking at the comment, one is almost compelled to conclude that Notalib wrote it, with its garbled syntax and grammar, its incoherence, and its elementary schoolyard-level insults being so reminiscent of Notalib.

        Two things make me think that Ray and Notalib are two different people, though. In the first place, Ray’s comments don’t normally suffer from such deficiencies. In the second, the “[t]ake off your tinfoil hat and get out of your mother’s basement”, standard-issue “one size fits all” wingnut insult, while commonplace amongst wingnuts, isn’t something that you really ever see Notalib using.

        However, that said, Ray also oddly tacked on the word, “Troll”, right behind the word, “basement”, thereby apparently and nonsensically accusing me of somehow being a progressive “troll” on a progressive website. Huh?! The ONLY other person who was obtuse enough to do something like that was Notalib. While probably just a coincidence, it is AN extraordinary coincidence, just as Ray’s use of “little homey” was.

        In any event, Zach, mystery solved. Ray’s assertion is that Notalib “owns” me. I’m the “mystery man” in Ray’s laughable, atypical and inexplicable, wild-eyed, incoherent, infantile screed defending/promoting Notalib.

    2. Listen, Ray, I’m more than willing to just let everything that I’ve written, particularly the comments that I contributed to the “Sarah Palin gets warm welcome in Madison” comment thread (the comments which obviously catalyzed your immature venting here), speak for themselves, just as I am to let Notalib’s speak for him.

      For the record, Ray, your comment strikes me as more of a projection than anything else. “Parlez vous, psychology, mon petite homey?”

      “Take off your tinfoil hat and get out of moms basement Troll”? Seriously, Ray? Do you have even the remotest of clues about who I am, what I do or where I live?

      Check out the rest of what I’ve written elsewhere on bloggingblue. There’s probably a reference or two to what I do professionally. I think that there might even be one in the “Sarah Palin gets a warm welcome in Madison” comment thread. Do some “research”, huh? You might find it enlightening.

  9. I don’t think anybody should be name calling or poking fun of people, that goes for both sides. Maybe it is my age, but I thought that when you become an adult you move beyond those things.

    1. I’ll certainly cop to immaturity. But the larger point here is the vicious and sexist attacks on women in politics. The most unlovely of male mugs don’t get this kind of treatment (unless it’s by wingnuts calling someone gay). The first 50 comments on the story at MJS are about Kloppenburg’s “witchy” voice, for chrissakes.

    1. If by people, you mean me, I call Palin a fringe right-wing Christian reconstructionist (that is, she wants Christian law to be the law of the land) who was woefully unqualified to be Governor of Alaska (an assessment she confirmed by quitting) but is remarkably skilled at getting people to pay her outrageous sums of money to say crazy things to an audience that has built a cult of the personality around her.

      Name one part of what I just said that is sexist or said anything whatsoever about Sarah Palin’s appearance.

  10. This is all so crazy. JoAnne Kloppenburg is a beautiful woman and it blows my mind anyone would degrade her over the way she looks. I read comment after comment on Vicki “wolf on back, snake on chest” McKenna’s FB page saying even worse things than what “it” posted. Men and women posting horrible things about the way Kloppenburg looks. I don’t understand it (thank goodness).

    I’m wondering…does anyone think there are any blog post or comments about the way Prosser looks??

  11. Anon so you are a tit-for-tat person. If something was done on Prosser the world will all be fine? How about we ALL start to show some civility! If those of us on the left show we are above that and don’t do it in the first or second place we can take the high ground from the liberals that have hijacked my party. Yes I am a Democrat and NOT a liberal/progressive.
    When I look at the dreadful things that this blog and others have done it makes me sick. I am old enough to be most of the kiddies that write on here grandpas. I am a JFK Democrat and I can tell you during my time both sides didn’t act this way.
    Yes I blame our side and this liberal movement of the 60’s. As our party was controlled by the far flung left and trampled over people like me just so they can feel like they control the party. I can tell you that they is a backlash coming where people like myself on the left who are not Liberals will take back our party and it will happen soon.
    The tea party is a result of the the liberal far left movement an answer to it and we have only ourselves to blame or them. Liberals are not the answer to our problems. Everytime one of the Liberals uses teabagger and people like you let it slide because it is on our side, it is wrong.
    Anon in the past you have said you are not a Liberal and I believe you. I am speaking out because now is a time to take back our party.

    1. I wouldn’t say I’m a “tit-for-tat” kind of person. I guess I find it sad the first thing the conservatives/teabaggers do is attack the way Kloppenburg looks while the left attacks Prosser’s record. Is it because of the gender difference? After all…the best way to degrade a woman is to make fun of the way she looks…right? I expect that kind of foulness from the conservative/teabagger men…but it floors me when conservative/teabagger women do it. When I look at pictures of Kloppenburg I see a lovely woman. She reminds me of my maternal grandmother…who was a beautiful person.

    2. I don’t know what I am politically…but one thing is for sure…and that is…I could never ever align myself with the conservatives/TEA Party people. They disgust me.

    3. Olaf wrote, in part:

      “Anon so you are a tit-for-tat person. If something was done on Prosser the world will all be fine?”

      That’s a pretty big “IF”, isn’t it, Olaf?

      Your criticism of Anon accordingly struck me as disingenuous, not to mention entirely misplaced.

      As gnomish in appearance as he is, Prosser has not been attacked for it as Kloppenburg has been for hers (e.g. Ray’s comment above – “Frankenstien found his bride kloppenstien. Together they can terrify farmers and small business.”).

      “Tit for tat” requires both “tit” and a “tat”. There’s simply no “tat” here upon which you can base your baseless false equivalency.

      Given that, why not just bite the bullet, at this point, and level criticism at the Neanderthals dumping on Kloppenburg with nothing better to work with than superficial, juvenile aned sexist attacks on her attractiveness?

      I’m with Ed. You don’t sound like a member of the Democratic Party. You sound like an unprincipled Republican masquerading as a self-loathing liberal.

  12. Olaf as a progressive I consider myself closer to JFK than I do BHO or WJC, could you please expand on the dreadful things we do here( minus the teabggers)?

    I do disagree that the “tea party” is a result of the far left movement. That makes to false assumptions, 1 that we actually have a far left movment and 2 that the tea party was grassroots. I m working on a post completely debunking #2 but would love to hear your expanded thoughts.

  13. Jeff you maybe closer to JFK but as a progressive you stay more to the left than a JFK Democrat.

    Ed both parties are Democratic.

    No I want both parties to do and be better. As the liberals are far to the left, the tea party and conservatives are far to right.

    Whatg is done wrong here, the attacking just against right without giving civility or how our side can do better.

    No I am a democrat and I know it is hard for some liberals to think that a democrat cannot be a democrat without being a liberal. JFK was the correct course for our party.

  14. “Ed both parties are Democratic.” uhmmm…no they are not and if the events in Madison this past three months isn’t an indication of that nothing is…

    I was asking because you talked about taking the party back…well I am tired of people saying the Dems should do this or that…but they never bother to join the party and make their voice heard. So if you are a member of the party and don’t actively participate, I urge you to do so. Your voice can be heard…but only if you ‘show up’.

  15. btw: the 1960 election was the first time I identified myself as a Democrat…

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