Grady Warren: the Tea Party isn’t racist!

Watch as Grady Warren explains how he and the Tea Party movement aren’t racist:

While the Tea Party movement itself may not be overtly racist, Grady Warren sure strikes me as a racist.


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9 thoughts on “Grady Warren: the Tea Party isn’t racist!

    1. He’s saying, “nigra”, with an “a”. A lot of the older racist “good ole boys” from the South refer to African-Americans that way. . .

      It’s just so painfully ironic that he use the term in complainging about how tired he is of “all the nigras” calling the Tea Party racist.

      Yeah, Grady, I wonder why they do that? (*laughing*)

      1. Racist good ole boys know how to use the N-word when they want to. “Nigra” is variant of “Negro”, and is something that they use when in “polite society”. It’s no less derogatory, and conveys the same sense of racist dehumanization of African-Americans, but it isn’t a derivative of the N-word.

        I worked in the legal department of a privately held insurance company based in Southern California during law school. Every morning, the owner of the company would park his Rolls Royce on one side of the building, and enter the building on that side and go up to his office. Well, suffice it to say, he was a Southerner, and a good ole boy to his core, Southern accent and all.

        One day, the Santa Ana’s (very strong winds) were blowing hard, and the security guard on duty, an African-American guy, had locked the doors on the side of the building on which the owner usually parked as a safety measure, given the direction of the wind. When the owner couldn’t enter the building on that side as a result, he instructed the security guard to open up the doors. When the guard told him that company protocol required the doors to remain locked on that side when the Santa Ana’s were blowing hard, the owner “lost it” and screamed at him to unlock the doors. When the guard again refused to unlock the doors, the owner did what everyone else was having to do, went around to the other side and entered the building there.

        He then called the company president down to lobby. When the president arrived in the lobby, the owner, yelled at the top of his voice, in that Southern accent of his, and as if he were standing on a Southern plantation back in the early 1800s surveying his cotton fields and the slaves working in them, that, “The NIGRA would not open the DAWS. The NIGRA would not open the DAWS [capitalization signifying an increase in volume and emphasis].” The owner’s racism could not have been any more clear, and THAT scene has haunted me ever since as evidence of the undercurrent of racism that runs through this country.

        For the record, the company president, to his credit, backed up the security guard who was just doing his job.

        Anyway, the moral of that story is that good ole boys look at African-Americans in a very certain way. The moral of THIS story is that Grady Warren, in everything that he said and the way he said it (and in every sound he made, e.g. “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm. . .”) in that video clip, showed just how much of a good ole boy he is in spirit, racism and all.

        When he got all “cute” and everything with that Southern-accented, “mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm”, he had me picturing those cotton fields. . .


  1. Deep, deep seated racist on display. I’m suprised he did not do this in blackface.

  2. And I wonder just exactly WHO was it that shot senator Gabrielle Giffords in the head and murdered little 8 year-old girl?! Must have been one of those MUSLIMS oh no wait it was one of those ILLEGALS since they were in arizona and all no it was one of those RAPPERS yeah it was Lil Wayne or Abner or somebody who knows with those funny names they use. Oh that’s righ it was one of those ‘real’ Americans that did it [looks at the ground as he shuffles away red faced]

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