“Hey there, sexy guy…”

Just when you thought the travails of Republican State Senator Randy Hopper couldn’t get weirder, things got a little bit weirder this week. Yesterday it was revealed that a toll-free number Sen. Hopper publicized for constituents to call to get ahold of him actually directs callers to a “live talk” chat line:

In Hopper’s quarterly letter (attached), he lists his office number as 1-888-736-8729. That, in turn, directs callers to 1-800-475-TALK, “the country’s favorite live talk,” where the conversation with “students, housewives and working girls,” presumably is not about Scott Walker’s disastrous “budget repair bill.”

Sen. Hopper’s office has chalked up the telephone number snafu as a mixup that they were aware of and have resolved, but I’m left to wonder if anyone bothers to proofread the literature that comes out of Sen. Hopper’s office, because this is a pretty stupid mixup.


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2 thoughts on ““Hey there, sexy guy…”

  1. Yeah well that’s not the least of it. I can hardly keep up at work now that the number’s been spread far and wide. Thanks again Randy.

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