Meet the felon behind the Republican efforts to recall Democratic State Senators

Meet Dan Baltes, the convicted felon who spent 10 years in the Idaho prison system from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s for grand theft, forgery and writing bad checks.

Who’s Dan Baltes, and why is he newsworthy?

Well, Dan Baltes is the head of the American Patriot Recall Coalition (APRC), the Utah-based political action group that has spearheaded efforts here in Wisconsin to recall those Democratic State Senators who courageously left Wisconsin to take a stand against efforts by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the legislature to dismantle public employee unions. According to the APRC’s website, it has sponsored efforts to recall all eight of the Democratic State Senators who are eligible to be recalled, but according to a report by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Baltes has denied a connection to any of the three groups that have garnered enough signatures to trigger recalls of Democratic State Sens. Dave Hansen, Bob Wirch, and Jim Holperin.

Here’s more on Dan Baltes, grifter extraordinaire:

Tea party activists, right-wing bloggers and others, though, have taken to hammering him on the Internet. There’s even a blog spot called Conning Conservatives, a sort of cyber wanted poster listing his criminal history and alleged schemes.

Conservative organizations and individuals around the country say the won’t have anything to do with him because he makes promises he can’t deliver, specifically a Glenn Beck speaking tour he promoted that fell apart.

Be proud, conservatives….be proud!


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33 thoughts on “Meet the felon behind the Republican efforts to recall Democratic State Senators

  1. Come on, Steve, we both know what “dog whistle” she was cynically and self-servingly blowing when she started posting here, the same one that she was blowing on her blog/website.

    Whether she changes her “Conning Conservatives” blog/website to remove the Baltes/ACLU connection that she was fraudulently trying to push or not won’t change the fact that she tried to blow the same “dog whistle” here, and “angelically” tried to dress it and her intentions up in a nice, little “Look, I’m just trying to help/this could happen just as easily to the Left/I’m just looking out for the integrity of the political process” canard.

    She may have been trying to warn conservatives about Baltes, but, she was also trying to push a liberal-bashing agenda at the same time. She was also cynically looking for some way, any way, she could find to “put lipstick on [the pig]”.

    Her big idea? Call the Republicans “victims”, AND also cynically try to tie Baltes to the Left by saying that he had previously worked with the ACLU, conveniently failing to mention that his “ties” to the ACLU were limited to being a PARALEGAL for them for a brief time before he “saw the error of his ways” and converted to conservatism, in an effort to stir up the wingnuts.

    Once she was called on the carpet here about them [her response to your last comment is a case in point], her efforts to walk back the “ACLU connection” only served to underscore her bad faith in blowing his “relationship” with the ACLU out of all reasonable proportion for the most cynical of reasons.

    Baltes may have been able to “[Con] Conservatives”, but only because they tend to embrace things like his and Alexandrea’s partisan hackery with such relish and reckless abandon that the true facts become academic.

    The ONLY relevant fact here is that he was working for Republicans and conservatives on a “cause” near and dear to Republican and conservative hearts and minds. However it may have turned out for them, and however fast they may be running away from him now, the fact of the matter is that Republicans and conservatives were happy to have Baltes’ help because they absolutely needed it. The “enthusiasm gap” that worried them so much with respect to the respective recall efforts against the Republican 8 and the Fab 14 ultimately and not surprisingly manifested itself it in a 6 to 3 margin of victory for the Democrats.

    Sorry, Alexandrea, the Republicans got caught with their pants down on this one. There’s no way to spin that.

    You can put “lipstick on a pig”, but it’s still a pig.

    AND stop saying that liberals own the pig.

  2. Zuma,

    I wrote that if she took down the ACLU thing I’d “think about” taking her seriously. I’m still thinking about it! šŸ™‚

  3. Hey Steve. . .

    There really wasn’t ever much to think about was there? It was pretty apparent what she was up to right from the “git go”.

    She just came to “liberal land” to “help us out”, to help us understand that Republicans were JUST the “victims” here, and to let us know that there are charlatan “out there”. Such an angel! (*laughing*)

    Don’t wingnuts realize that, contrary to all the pinheaded gossip in their echo chambers, liberals/progressives are by and large are a pretty educated, intelligent and thoughtful bunch.

    Everything that she had to say was bullsh*t, right down to the ACLU canard she tried to foist on us. Did she honestly think that we would let it slide? (*laughing*) She just doesn’t know us very well, does she?

    Anyway, I think that she may have left here duly chastized. From what I can tell, her blog apparently underwent a “major overhaul” yesterday, and has been scrubbed clean of all the ACLU stuff, and rightfully so. Total bullsh*t.

    Can’t Republicans/conservatives ever just cop to the fact that their sh*t really does stink sometimes without having to concoct some jive, face-saving cover story or trying to blame liberals/progressives in some way, however indirectly, for it?

    She seems to be gone now. Guess her little “vacation” here wasn’t as fun or fruitful as she thought it would be.

    So, stop “thinking” about it, and, I don’t know, go make some music or something.

  4. Good Catch Steve, it appears she was here doing damage control for the republican immoral and unethical recall efforts, the same way that lady was here attempting damage control for Sean duffy recently!

  5. You mean donkeyhunter?

    He disappeared right after I suggested we have a beer at the Minnow. There’s just no being cordial with some folks.

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