Nothing to see here….

Brian schimming, is letting everyone know that there is absolutely nothing to see here. Seriously, if you cant trust Brian (lobbyist, vice -chair of WI republican party and ex prosser staffer) Schimming to tell you the truth about the Wisconsin Supreme Court election results, who can you trust? Next thing you will tell me is that Kathy nickolaus, who found 14000 votes two days after the election, worked for David Prosser. i wont believe that any more than I would believe that Nickolaus was heavily involved in the Caucus Scandal from a few years ago.

I wont believe any of it because this is a non-partisan race. These are very mature and professional public servants, so I am sure that whomever won, they both would agree that a recount is needed to make sure democracy rules.

Justice Prosser, who declared a resounding 0.488% victory, now as reported by JSonline: Right wing hack and Prosser Lawyer Jim Troupis, “We will take every and any step to prevent this frivolous matter going forward.”

Yes they love democracy(as long as they win). Yet Prosser forgets to tell people that he was the first one in the race to hire a special recount lawyer when he was behind(Ben Ginsburg). Hypocrite much (but again I digress)?

This brings me back to the original purpose of this post. It is not to highlight the amazing turnout of Nickolaus\' Waukesha county, or her stunning incompetence. What I wanted to point out was Prosser’s extreme partisanship, in his “victory” speech. He personally thanked disgraced rep. John Gard (R-Sun Prairie) and convicted felon Scooter Jensen. The only one he forgot to thank was Brian Deschane. Next thing you know, Mr. Impartial, will be hanging out with the few people that showed up for the recent “tea party” and their paid spokesman James T Harris.

Sometimes I just want to scream, click my heels and go home!


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