President Obama slams GOP budget posturing

Speaking to a group of campaign donors in what he thought was a private chat on Thursday night, President Barack Obama gave a candid account of Republican efforts to interject their far-right conservative agenda into the federal budget. Obama’s conversation with donors was recorded by CBS Radio News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, and here’s the full audio of President Obama’s comments:


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4 thoughts on “President Obama slams GOP budget posturing

  1. I don’t understand why this is so ‘surprising’. First of all, it should have been said up forward and up front. There is nothing new here nor anything controversial. But it would be really nice if the understanding of the situation that the President obviously has of the situation were as clearly articulated to the public. Here is the spine that he refuses to stand up with in public.

    second, I don’t think for a second that the President didn’t know his mic was hot. It makes a dandy news cycle article, makes him seem a bit ‘roguish’, and gives him the means to deflect criticism since it ‘appears’ his comments were meant to be candid.

    third, this type of rhetoric needs to be stated in public and repeated and repeated and repeated. The democrats need to take back the message and keep on track right into and through 2012.

    1. Ed, it shouldn’t be surprising, and as you said, I wish President Obama had been saying this kind of thing in public long before now, though I suppose some will no doubt criticize him for being “unpresidential.”

  2. The only complainers about being unpresidential will be those trying to stifle his humanistic agenda.

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