Randy Hopper day

Today is Randy Hopper Day in Madison, as the Recall Hopper campaign will be delivering their papers today. As all of our readers know, Randy Hopper and his live in Valerie Cass, have been covered extensively here.

Also wanted to share this fun Randy Hopper video with everyone. Here is Randy letting the college kids know that he was first on board the Scott Walker endorsement bandwagon and secondly he makes a special point to let his audience know that they(the politicians in Madison and their staff) notice what is happening politically in the state.

Hi Randy!


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7 thoughts on “Randy Hopper day

  1. What a hoot! Reminds me that Hopper knows something about bringing “jobs and opportunity” too – just ask Valerie Cass.

  2. Boy, he seemed to really perk up at the mention of going to a kegger with some co-eds. So out of character.

  3. What College allowed that blatant advertising drivel what was the date during the campaign that this recruiting was going on?

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