Recall Doug La Follette?

Apparently conservative blogger Cindy Kilkenny thinks a recall of Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug La Follette is in order because La Follette has, as she puts it, a “god complex.”

I’ve decided I want La Follette’s job.

Why not? I was a really good secretary back in my day. Plus, I don’t have this unbelievable I-am-god complex that makes me think every law in Wisconsin only becomes law because I Say So.

I’ll be honest….I don’t know precisely why Cindy Kilkenny thinks Doug La Follette has a god complex, but I’m assuming she’s upset because La Follette didn’t roll over and play dead for Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans who really really wanted to see their union-busting bill become law, regardless of whether they followed the law themselves.

However, while Cindy’s upset at Secretary of State La Follette, let’s just remember one thing:

Article IV, §17 ¶(2)
(2) No law shall be enacted except by bill. No law shall be in force until published.

So according to the Wisconsin constitution, “No law shall be in force until published,” and of course we all know the Secretary of State is the only person who can publish a law. Seeing as how Secretary of State La Follette is barred from publishing the law by a court order, I’m not really sure what Cindy Kilkenny expects, but maybe she’s wishing La Follette had just ignored the law like Republicans did.


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9 thoughts on “Recall Doug La Follette?

  1. Yes the Constitution gets in the way sometimes of their agenda, well quite often. Its interesting that La Follette put out the word that if Walker truly needed it published before the 10 days he could call him and explain his reasons. The call never came.

    The sad thing is Cindy’s blog is the most reasoned right wing blog we have in WI.

    1. Cindy’s blog may be the most reasoned, but that’s not saying much when the group you’re comparing her includes Real “Debate” Wisconsin, Badger Blogger, Wigderson, etc.

  2. I still think Cindy chose “Fairly” Conservative as the name for her blog to be deliberately ironic, or at least facetious.

  3. I find Cindy’s blog a welcome breath of fresh air from other right leaning (or tipped over) blogs. She supports her team without embracing every cockamamie extremist thing that is said by the Republican Party and its dragoons.

    (Don’t fail me now, Cindy)

    1. If you mean she’s more reasoned than, say, Dad29 or Peter DeGuadio, that’s true. But, to me, that says more about just how far those two have strayed from the pack than about how reasonable Cindy is. There was a time when I would have agreed with you, but demanding the recall of a Secretary of State whose only offense is doing that which a court ordered him to do is not, in any sense, reasonable.

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