Some recall housekeeping…

*There is still a month left to recall the rest of the republican 8(2 petitions are already filed). Right now an organization called Progressive Kick will will match all donations to the recall efforts of the Republican 8. In case you want to know what your money will go to:

$75 pays for an organizer to put together a weekend canvass.

$40 pays for a tank of gas for an organizer to build a day of canvassing.

$25 pays for the rent on one field office for one day.

We need 3 but can get more, lets not let the momentum stop!

*Secondly, Jess King has declared a rematch with Randy Hopper(R-young female lobbyists) That scared the republican party so much they already put out a ridiculous press release. “You only need to look at her record on the Oshkosh City Council to see what she would bring to the Wisconsin State Senate – more taxes, less accountability,” Mark Jefferson said.

Yes nothing says accountability like Randy Hopper(R-young female lobbyists) and the current republican majority. Then Jefferson also added “Senator Hopper has been working tirelessly”. Yes having a 25 year old lobbyist mistress will do that to you. If you need more information on Randy Hopper, it is right here!

Jess King could use your help right here.

* Finally, don\'t forget your chance this weekend to help Recall Glenn Grothman.


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47 thoughts on “Some recall housekeeping…

  1. I love it the far left whine and dry about the Koch brothers but have no problem when an outside far left agitator Joshua Grossman starts throwing money around the state. Just a bunch of hypocrites.

    1. Fight fire with fire, I say. If conservative groups from outside Wisconsin want to throw money hand over fist into protecting these Republicans, then liberals should be willing to fight back.

      Besides, it’s more than just the Koch brothers…..a good number of the recall groups were actually organized by a group out of Utah. I suppose you don’t have a problem with that though, because clearly some shady right-wing group in Utah knows what’s best for voters here in Wisconsin.

      1. Exactly. Furthermore, the liberal groups are not hiding like the conservative groups are.

        George Soros? Not hiding, he’s open with what he’s doing unlike like the Koch Brothers have been for countless years trying to keep out of the light the entire time by using a maze of intertwined trails that could lead you in circles.

        1. Basically, if it isn’t clear about the Koch Brothers? My problem with them is not their beliefs — it’s the fact they find a need to hide constantly and pretend to not be a part of it when they stepped into the ring. If they were open with the fact they funded the Tea Party and all of these political action groups, I’d not mind them as much. George Soros doesn’t do that, he’s pretty clear and open with what he’s doing for liberal causes.

  2. “a good number of the recall groups were actually organized by a group out of Utah”.

    Which recall groups and what is the name of the organization?

    1. From an article from the Press Gazette:

      A group based in Utah seeking to recall eight of the 14 Democratic Wisconsin senators that have fled the Capitol will hold a rally today in downtown Green Bay to focus its efforts on Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

      The American Recall Coalition, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, will hold its meeting to recall Hansen at 12 p.m. at the Rock Gardens, 1951 Bond Street, and the counter-rally in support of Hansen will begin at 11:30 a.m. across the street at the corner of Taylor Street and Bond Street.

      They were doing all of the Democrats if I remember and are the ones with the most steam behind it as the other ones have for the most part shriveled up due to not being as well organized. (I know the ones for Lassa had like four, and most of them have died.)

      1. Thanks T. it really is disturbing that outside groups are involved in our state issue. Politics in this country has become disgusting. Politicians in this country do not work for the people, they work only for special interest groups that supply large amounts of money to them.

        I am sure you have seen the Dave Hansen ad here in Green Bay, itsa just laughable, he says he represents the middle class and all people, its an out and out lie he only represents the unions and the people who support them, he could care less about my opinions and what I would want. He is a total union yes man.

        1. Isn’t that true for all politics though at the core? I could say Cowles on my side of the coin by not even trying to explain himself to the public. Sure he won with over 90% of the vote but that was because nobody else was running on the ballot and we believed him as a moderate who has done a good job consistently.

          For example, a lot of us waited to meet with him about his vote on the Budget Repair Bill and he never showed up. That has been consistent. Hansen has been open with why he did what he did, why he did while Cowles … with us? hasn’t said a single word. Hasn’t showed up places he was scheduled to speak with us. Many of those hurt are Republicans and are feeling betrayed by this – they only just want to hear why and understand. Not just talking points, but his own reasons. He wouldn’t even show up for that leaving many of us discouraged.

          In my eyes, I think Hansen is a good representative in the sense he is open. He tries to keep in contact with the people, he has a lot of hearings for you to go to and even if you personally don’t agree with him. My representative doesn’t even give us that chance.

          In addition, I’m wondering the legitimacy of Dave Hansen’s recall. If people were tricked into signing saying “This is how to save your senator.” or along those lines, that could spell something really bad for the Republican Party here even if the signatures are legit if they got them based on trickery. Therefore, Hansen can be removed and just put back in like that. I don’t think Dave Hansen’s recall movement has been very organized, as the various problems of not checking that they were hiring felons, the fact they place themselves in seriously gray areas of the district where many other people from other districts may go shopping at, and so on. I don’t think there is anything ‘evil’ about the people petitioning to recall Hansen by any means, but there are definitely people in there doing it to make easy money. For example some of my my neighbors brag that they signed to recall Hansen and they have live in the same house of like five people of voting age? One issue. They live in Cowles District so their signatures will likely be thrown out. I sincerely think because of them actually paying 50 cents per signature, that a lot of people might actually not be working to get quality signatures and those people are more concerned with making a profit. I hope those people working the recalls are not getting paid immediately, because they can possibly be used.

          For example, at Festival a girl who was a college student told me to sign to Recall Hansen. I said I wasn’t even from his district so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t remove him. She told me to sign anyway. While there are people who are genuinely honest and working because of how they believe, I do think the 50 cents per signature can potentially lead to dishonesty in the similar way that happened to ACORN. Personally, I can tell the people who are actually doing it because they believe it – they’re out all the time. Then there are people like that girl who just see a means to make money by any costs.

          The organization of the Cowles Recall and the Hansen Recall are complete contrasts in some ways. Hansen is moving faster, but we’re not sure if it’s solid — while the Cowles Recall is moving slowly and while it may not make it? They’re making sure the signatures are legit. Honestly at the core? I believe both Hansen and Cowles may be recalled.

        2. Ahhhh yes, Notalib, a well-known troll over at the Huffington Post and elsewhere, continues to spew the propaganda he is spoon-fed by the Koch Brothers and the astroturf organizations that they have set up and financed, e.g. Americans For Properity. . .Well, little homey, do you actually think that your reactionary teabagger drivel accomplishes anything but make intelligent people laugh?!

          “Dance, puppet, dance”, the Koch Brothers chortle as they pull the strings that animate Notalib.

          Notalib “trolls” at various liberal websites like this one, the Huffington Post and, not that he’ll admit it. He, in fact, blatantly lied about doing so over on the “Kloppenburg vs. Prosser” article when I called him out on it, and hereafter failed to respond to my comment documenting his “trolling” activities. Care to comment now, little homey/Koch brothers mouthpiece?

  3. I just heard that in the ridiculousness of the “tea party” rally…james t harris, Vicky pyzinsky, Sarah palin, et al ….are getting paid. Way to stand up for the cause! I guess if the cause is how much money can i get they are true believers.

    1. Once again you are wromg Jeff, Palin IS NOT getting paid to appear, but hey don’t let that fact get in your way of having PDS.

      1. Well Nota if Seaholm says so it must be gospel….excuse me if I dont believe that she is coming for free. James T harris admitted to getting paid.

  4. Here’s a tasty tidbit. The article says the Colorado man employed by the GOP to collect recall signatures was staying at a local motel with several other out of town canvassers. Nobody in Wisconsin wanted these jobs? Again, you just can’t make this shit up.

    The state GOP should tell us why they had to hire people from Colorado to gather signatures. Is there a Temp Labor outfit out there that specializes in gathering recall signatures? Nobody in Wisconsin who could do it?

    Good God, how pathetic.

    1. Actually many people are doing it now that they’re getting paid 50 cents a signature. I don’t know if the signatures are legit, but there is more of a movement now compared to what it was before.

    2. I think the problem has been that the RECALL HANSEN people all have jobs and are only doing this on the free time they have, while the other recall just use their normal base, the unemployable and those who use entitlements as a lifestyle choice.

      1. Sad little Koch troll. . .Never found Republican and/or conservative and/or teabagger hypocrisy/BS that you couldn’t find an excuse for, huh?

        You’re pathetic, little homey. Anyway, you shouldn’t be holding your breath regarding successful recall petition drives for the courageous Democratic 14. Save all of your clueless, reactionary energy for worrying about the fates of the Republican 8, like Dan Kapanke and Randy (“I left my wife for a 26 year-old girlfriend in Madison”) Hopper, not to mention the fate of Scott (“Okay, I admit that I never really explicitly campaigned on the subject of destroying collective bargaining rights”) Walker.

        Enjoy your wingnut wet dreams while they last, little homey. (*laughing*). Hey, picture what it’s going to be like for Snotty Scotty next year, facing recall at the same time the Republicans are getting pummeled by the electorate because the electorate has wised up to the fact that the Republican (“Robber Baron”/Koch brothers) Party is intent on destroying the middle class and enriching the wealthiest among us at its expense.

        The Republican Party completely misjudged what happened in the 2010 elections. Its overreach this year, Scott Walker’s overreach being just a part of it, will be handsomely “rewarded” come 2012. Just watch, little homey. The Republicans have gone after Medicare for God’s sake because they think that 2010 meant that their sh*t didn’t stink!!! Even Charlie Cook calls that political suicide.

        You’re a fool, Notalib. I’m pretty sure that you are a part of the middle class. If so, you’re on the wrong side of this fight. . .And the Koch brothers and the rest of the wealthy elite are laughing all the way to the bank over they’re ability to “punk” morons like you into believing what you believe.

      2. Nota,

        For a guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about you certainly have an authoritative tone. It’s an odd mix: gibberish and certainty. You should have been a televangelist.

        Maybe you are one?

  5. Exactly Nota, only republicans work and only republicans pay taxes. You have it nailed. Of course the recall Hansen “volunteers” jobs just happens to be theft. But hey its a living.

    1. At least they are not union workers who use phony doctor excuses to skip work in order to “get paid for doing nothing”….oh wait I just described a typical work day for a state union worker.

      1. There you go again with your sweeping generalizations. You have no idea what would constitute a typical day for a state worker.

        1. Except for prison guards who actually are underpaid and deserve to have better benefits than the rest, here is a typical day.

          Work day starts at 8:00 which means they arrive between 8:07 and 8:11. Once at their desk check emails for any new anti scott walker jokes and then head off to break room for a cup a coffee and early morning banter. Head back to desk and push papers around until 9:30 break. Grab soda from machine and head outside to desiganted smoking area. Come back arounf 9:50 check emails for Scott Walker attack messages, send out a few emails for future protest and work slow downs and head out to lunch around 11:53. Back to the grind at 13:08 working on update telephone protest tree until 15:00 break. Head out for afternoon smoke bqack at desk 15:23 out of office at 15:59 for the day.

      2. … I can’t believe you’re implying this man who has a history of violence, stealing things, and so on is better than people who work in a union. Man, no wonder why conservatives don’t jump in to defend you most of the time here.

  6. I have no idea what ‘man’ you are talking about and secondly I don’t need others to defend me I speak for myself and no one else. Unlike the pack mentality of the union people here who only find strength when they all carry the same lead pipe.

    1. All right, since you have a problem of knowing your hypocrisy:

      Using security camera footage taken the day of the theft, authorities recognized the man when he was back at Lambeau Field a few days later. The man admitted to the crime and returned most of the property. He was cited with theft and police consider the case closed.

      According to Colorado records, the man has been charged with a number of crimes in his home state, including driving under the influence, domestic violence and felony assault and was found guilty of drugging a victim in 2008.

      And your response:

      At least they are not union workers who use phony doctor excuses to skip work in order to “get paid for doing nothing”.

    2. I’d love to see some proof to back up Notalib’s “union people here who only find strength when they all carry the same lead pipe.”

      As one of the “union people” here, I can’t recall ever carrying a lead pipe to find strength; my strength comes from within. Do I support my union? Yes. Is my union perfect? No, but no organization is, whether it’s a labor union, a corporation, government, etc.

      I know you really believe that all union members are thugs, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, not that you’re really too concerned with truth.

      1. Actually Zach the vast majrity of union workers are great people, hell my dad was a teamster, I meet a lot of his union brothers all great guys. I worked at a cold storage plant for 13 years and the loading docks were union and they tried for years to get the maintenece dept to join which we never did, for the most part all of them up there I got along with, there were a couple who tried to intimidate me but at 6’4″ 280 at that time I was not what you called afarid of a couple of union lowlifes who thought they could convince me to rethink my position. I suspect that you are a very decent person also Zach just a little misguided by your union loyality.

        1. I love how you go off on these tangents, and when you’re called out on them by someone, you immediately start to backtrack.

          “union people here who only find strength when they all carry the same lead pipe.”

          That doesn’t gibe with the comment you just posted; either union people only find strength when they all carry the same lead pipe or the vast majority of union workers are great people; they can’t really be both, because the two ideas aren’t congruent.

          1. Not backtracking at all I stand by my statement. For the most part they are decnet people but when the get the mob mentality like they did in Madison they become a danger.

            1. Yeah, because clearly those people in Madison were dangerous, given all the arrests police had to make.

              Oh wait…..

  7. Ok so they hired someone who was not of very good character, are they responsible because he is a human slug of course not. Now lets look at John Matthews who was responsible for the illegal work stoppage of Madison schools, he is just as reprehensible.

    1. I’d love to hear you explain how John Matthews of MTI is as reprehensible as a convicted felon with a history of violent offenses.

    2. Ok so they hired someone who was not of very good character, are they responsible because he is a human slug of course not.

      But they are responsible for checking his history before hiring him. Because of that, he has been working since nearly the beginning of the recall movement and chances are the signatures he collected now have to be thrown out because of this by law. The point I’m trying to make is that you said people who work in a union who might have never done anything wrong are more reprehensible than this man.

      1. Exactly. While you seem to want to deflect blame away from the GOP, the fact is, they hired the guy without even doing a basic background check. The fact that they’d send a violent convicted felon door to door to collect signatures without doing a proper background check first says something about how desperate the GOP is.

  8. Notalib,

    I’m very impressed that you used the word reprehensible and that you also spelled it correctly. Your use of the language is improving, as is your spelling.

    Now, about your thinking. Hmmmm.

  9. The RECALL DAVE HANSEN Headquarters located at 1136 W. Mason St. in Green Bay was broken into. The criminals gained access by breaking a window. Recall T-shirts, recall petitions, and a computer were among the things stolen. The police were notified. This goes to show the desperate measures the oposition of RECALL DAVE HANSEN will go to.

    We still have enough signatures!!

    1. Can you provide a link? I’ve been looking for it online but I can’t find anything on it. I hope there are cameras regardless to take note of this around the area to see who it was.

    2. Nevermind — Saw it on NBC 26. They didn’t give details though, hopefully they find who it was and bring them to justice.

      1. … The longer I look at the picture, the longer I notice that it doesn’t fit right with me. There should be blood or threads on the glass if someone broke in so I hope the police notice that. That is a known fact. Unless someone got in, stole some things, then broke the window as they were leaving. I live around this area and it just looks so… odd to me. Too clean.

  10. I lived in that neighborhood for 24 years, it was a very nice area when we first moved there but it really started to change by 2006 or so and we finally moved a couple of years ago.

    1. It’s not that bad though to my knowledge, compared to some other areas in Green Bay like the east side in particular. Now that’s a pretty rough area. My sisters live together actually live towards that place with their boyfriends and while they don’t have very much income it’s still a good place overall and for the most part safe.

      I seriously hope they find whoever did that though, because wow. I hope someone saw it or it’s recorded somewhere since that place almost always has some sort of traffic in general. (Mason St. in general is probably one of the most busy areas in Green Bay outside of Oneida St.)

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