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  1. Would you really support a union owned Supreme Court justice who would lie as Supreme COurt Justice David Prossers opponent has?


    The Greater Wisconsin Committee a far left hate group is responsible for the lie, these are the type of people she will be owing favors to once on the bench, we know people in Dane County and Milwaukee County have no problem with someone this dishonest but Wisconsin the rest of the state does not have the low life values of the people who line in those counties. Don’t allow this disturbed women to ruin Wisconsin with her activist agenda.

    1. That ad does nothing but confirms my belief Mr. Merryfield is either being used by Prosser’s supporters or this has been planned and in the making for awhile. It’s no secret Mr. Merryfield’s brother supported a TEA Party candidate in 2010. Are they die hard republicans who are willing to sell their souls to advance the political agenda they support? I sure wish he (they) would do an interview aside from calling in on the Charlie Sykes show. We deserve the TRUTH for once.

      If the ad is a “lie” about Prosser…than Mr. Merryfield, his brother, and his mother are liars about Prosser. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say something in 2008 (which all the Merryfields did) and then turn around three years later and say anyone who uses your quotes are liars…unless you also admit you lied.

      Lastly…how selfish of Mr. Merryfield. Does he think he was the only child molested by this pedophile priest? The ad also speaks to the children who were molested following Mr. Merryfield…and those stories deserve to be told. The pedophile priest touched Mr. Merryfield’s chest and tried to touch him other places but he stopped him…BUT what about the children who were molested more severely by this pedophile priest after Prosser refused to prosecute him? What about them?? Shame on Mr. Merryfield. He makes me sick.

      1. I personally think the ad that the third party did was extremely skeevy, but it’s hard to connect with it now and say “hey stop the ad” — because at this point I think it’s beyond their control. It’s a lot like how Ron Johnson said he wanted to stop the ads in that respect against Russ Feingold. Even if he wanted to stop them, they didn’t.

        But after doing research, I do see the quotes that Mr. Merryfield said Prosser wasn’t doing his job with the things that happened in 2008. I do think it happened to him and that’s a tragedy because no one should ever treated that way, but I think it just shows how he puts politics over the well being of others. Rev. John Feeney molested people all around the Fox Cities and Green Bay area being pushed around from place to place for over 30 years. No one in a position of power should be allowed for that. Because once it does get out, it damages the reputation as a whole.

        However, I don’t see how it’s anymore manipulative than this.

        I think the conservative judges are ethically challenged at best in the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and if they (Gableman, Prosser, Roggensack, and Zeigler) didn’t do the controversial ruling that groups making donations to the election campaigns of justices or justices receiving cash donations from plaintiffs in cases before them… chances are they wouldn’t have made everyone so mad. I believe the Wisconsin Supreme Court should be above politics, but ironically the conservative judges dragged it down to politics. And now they’re paying the price for it.

    2. Would you really support a big business-owned Supreme Court Justice whose own campaign co-chair left his campaign and endorsed his opponent?

      I wouldn’t.

    1. If that video does not prove that she is a 100% liberal and not the independent she pretends to be…….well lets just say you are one stupid person.

      1. And Prosser’s 100% conservative, which is a far cry from being the “independent” jurist he claims to be.

  2. Anyone who works for a living should never, ever vote for a Republican again. And, if a Democrat has consistently sided with them, that person shouldn’t get any worker votes, either. It’s crystal clear that those who call themselves conservative are actually corporate fascists who want to have a world in which their are only two classes: The obedient and passive working class and the rich. That’s it. They are not concerned with taxes, jobs, government spending, or any of the other bullshit they trumpet when trying to get elected or trying to pass bills they claim are going to benefit society. They hate society. They hate us.

    On another note, I hope everyone is participating in something tomorrow, April 4. “We Are One” has information on local events. Although I’m stuck here in Kentucky, I’m going to join the events listed here. My heart might be in Wisconsin, but I’ll put my feet with those of us here that believe in what all of you in my adopted home state have stood for these past couple of months. So, bless you all and keep going.

  3. Jan your are so wrong I won’t even bother explaining. It is clear where you come from the far left whose agenda can be found on the website we are one “Join us in solidarity with working people” this is clearly a socialist agenda with communist leanings, it’s what the democrats and pushing for and what unions want. Nay one who stands with and votes for Democrats are fools they do not have the best interest of the country they have a goal of everyone goosestepping like little Maos and Chavez’s, its the goal that cannot be denied from anyone in the Democrat party.

    1. Go suck an exhaust pipe, you right-wing troll. Take your bullshit to someone who gives a rat’s ass what you think.

      1. Oh Jan you say the sweetest things for a communist…. I just bet you voted for DUMB DUMB ion the white house and now you are just enraged and full of sorrow that he turned out to be the idiot all of knew he was. Know how big of an idiot he is…..he makes Jimmy Carter almost look smart.

        “Suck an exhaust pipe” really……that’s the type of immaturity I am dealing with….not really all that surprising coming from a cab driver.

        1. Okay, dirtbag—Try this one on: Go fuck yourself. What’s good enough for Dick Cheney to say is good enough for me.

          1. OMG I hope you stick around I love people like you, the entertainment you bring is just priceless…..as for who was the jerk your supposed friend or you I have a feeling your friend was glad to get rid of you…..I just can’t wait for your next well thought out reply.

  4. Do you really believe that anyone who votes Republican is a corporate fascists who want to have a world in which their are only two classes

  5. You did not but Jan did and if she can say such an outrageous statement I see no reason I can’t, even if both are not true.

    1. You still haven’t answered my question. Do you really believe that anyone who votes for Democrats supports socialism?

      I’m pretty sure I know the answer, based on the rhetoric you’re so fond of spouting, but I’d just like to see you put it out there.

  6. What socialists are you talking about Notalib? The North Dakotans?


    The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned bank in the nation. It’s one of the reasons North Dakota currently enjoys a budget surplus and the lowest unemployment rate in the country. It keeps money in North Dakota and away from corporate and Wall Street con men.

    Are these the socialists that make you wet your pants, Notalib?

  7. I had a “friend” for a few years that tailors himself a Republican. I use parentheses because it turns out he wasn’t a friend after all—he’s a jerk. There were other people who knew him better than I did who told me he was a jerk, and couldn’t for the life of me understand what I saw in him. I believed he was a better person than he acted, and I tried to care about him. In the end, what people told me was true. He was and is a jerk. All Republicans are jerks. All of them. If anyone aligns themselves with that political philosophy they are jerks, assholes, and any other expletive one can think of that describes crap. Republican, conservative, teabagger, right-winger—whatever label they use—they’re all assholes. Not one of them understands history, let alone bothers to read it. Not one of them lives in reality. Not one of them has any compassion for working people, poor people, disabled people, or people in general. The only people they give a shit about are themselves and any rich fucker they can kiss up to. So, this troll can kiss my working-class ass.

    1. Honestly, there is a difference between conservatives and wingnuts.

      I myself had a friend who was a wingnut in high school, we were often partners in tournaments where we often made it to the nationals, we went to college in fields that would compliment each other, and worked together planning our own business as partners. We had the idea that we would compliment each other, I would handle the technical things and the paperwork, the reading while he would be the person who talked fast and convinced others.

      Either way, that business never got off the ground for huge differences. This isn’t even going from him coming from a privileged background while I came from a more hardknock life.

      For example, I often spoke to him on the rules of copyright and he kept blatantly ignoring it while he tried to sell them when I suggested we would get in trouble if he continued to do that. He often went behind my back claiming he did my work in web-design, logo design, art, and flash. He often tried to drag me into multi-level marketing schemes something he shouldn’t have been so naive about on the principle that I studied that. Another was that he kept demeaning me subtly for my race and gender. No matter how many times I told him that if he went down this path and how unethical it was, we could be both arrested. I did not approve of him begging for money on his little website he made crying for 6,000 dollars so he could bring a girl in Romania to be with him who was eight years younger than him. The sad thing is, he did get 6,000 dollars. Then he broke off from the girl and simply said “It didn’t work out.” to the people on his website and never bothered properly paying those people back who gave it out of the kindness of their heart to him.

      Each and everytime, he brushed me off and said he could get around it. We disagreed politically and ethically in every fashion. In his mind, nothing he did was ever wrong and he dodged responsibility each time. He read Newsmax constantly, he worshipped talk radio, so we eventually drifted apart. No dramatic argument, just more or less me going “I’m not going to be a part of these activities, if you want to run it this way — do it yourself.” took my portion of the business, left him with what was planned and him to find a different partner or do it himself. I’m not sure where he is now, likely trying to pull someone else into his schemes on the other side of town.

      As arrogant as it sounds, in retrospect I likely never needed to be partners with him throughout all those years. I always got the higher score even in presenting myself and the tests. I just felt that way because I had such ridiculously low self esteem. Then I manned the fuck up.

      Wingnuts are like this. They cannot ever admit they’re wrong. They believe what they do and everything they do is above the rules, no matter how much you tell them. They dodge everything and are capable of kindness but only those they deem ‘deserving’ of it. They are the type of people to see a person with Parkinson disease and mock them for living off the government, not getting a job, despite everything degenerating in their body. They’re the type to laugh, mock them, toss money at them in a “You want handouts?” and mock them if they see them if these people just so much as disagree with their little ideology.

      Intentionally misinformed at best, insensitive, cruel, and delusional at worst. They don’t want facts or numbers. They just want someone to agree with them.

      That being said: NotaLib is a wingnut. While not as extreme as my former friend, he has those traits that ring similar to me.

      1. T,

        Your description of Notalib as a wingnut is highly offensive to the Dumbass community, and I must protest the use of such demeaning language. As an individuial suffering from a profoundly severe case of Dumbass, and from which it appears he may never recover, Notalib is deserving of our pity and compassion, not our scorn.

        1. Wingnuttia is a more specific illness under the condition of Dumbass if you continue your research. Where as some suffer from Dumbass, this level of Dumbass is almost at a Critical level that even a box of kittens or basket of puppies would not be able to temporarily distract or calm them down. They constantly have a severe need to somehow blame their target of choice in some shape or form, no matter what the situation.

          It’s a more severe case of Dumbass that is much harder to cure than regular Dumbass – around the same level of the Smartass conditions.

  8. Anyone take a look at this idiot’s blog site? Fox News should sue him for plagiarism. I bet he masturbates while Glenn Beck’s show is on.

  9. Wow after reading the last few post here by the three stooges all I can say is how hurt I am. I mean really is that the best you three can do?

    1. Of course it’s not the best we can do. We just don’t waste the best we can do on non-humans.

  10. non humans…..OMG that is so original AND funny!! Wow how do you keep coming up with all of this original material? WOW Jan what is your next DNC catch phrase you are going to use,JACK BOOTED THUGS? HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHHHAAHAH! You ought to connect to Steve here you two could really have a Charlie Sheen moment.

    1. Here is some advice NotaLib since you’re able to vote in Green Bay — and this is one of the things I think you and I can agree with.

      Vote for Jim Schmitt. I realize that Pat Evans may have been picked by many things I support but knowing his history — so no sir I do not like him. He’s in with the Landlord Association and slimy, not to mention not very smart. He makes Jim Schmitt look like a MENSA member and can’t handle a budget. He is going to gut downtown redevelopment and get rid of the housing department that oversees the landlords and making sure they are doing what they should be doing. If there is one thing I don’t want to see flipped in this great change, it is the mayor of Green Bay.

  11. T I agree with you 100%. I heard Evans in one debate and I was almost embarrassed for him. He would be a horrible mayor for this city.

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