Astroturf in Action

Interesting documentary from, Tim Phillips must be proud!

Synopsis: From the Tea Parties to the healthcare and climate wars, America’s conservative citizens have revolted against the Obama agenda. But are these grassroots actions in fact examples of ‘astroturfing’? – The practice of manufacturing citizens groups for the purpose of delivering corporate messages. Curious to find out, Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham went undercover to investigate. What he found was astroturfing on a scale greater than he could have imagined, threatening not only the health of American democracy, but that of its citizens and the planet as a whole.

Hmmm are you saying the “tea party” and the “silent majority” are not legit?? Here are a couple sneak peaks:


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3 thoughts on “Astroturf in Action

  1. How ironic……….. An Astroturf blog trying to imply that the real grass roots movement is “Astroturf”.

    1. There’s nothing “real” about the tea party movement; it’s a movement funded by AFP, the Koch brothers, etc., and publicized to death by Fox News.

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