BREAKING: Democrat Kathy Hochul wins House seat in heavily Republican district

It’s being reported by multiple news outlets that Democrat Kathy Hochul has won the special House election in New York’s 26th Congressional district, a district that’s so heavily conservative that only four Democrats have been elected to that seat in the past 150+ years.

The special election race in the New York 26th was dominated by a discussion of the 2012 federal budget plan authored by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and supported nearly-unanimously by House Republicans. Early in the race, Republican candidate Jane Corwin stated unambiguously that she would have voted for Rep. Ryan’s budget if she had been a member of the House, despite the wildly unpopular provisions contained in Rep. Ryan’s budget which would turn Medicare into a “coupon” program while simultaneously switching Medicaid to a block grant system.

The fact that a Democrat won in such a heavily Republican district by focusing on her opponent’s support for proposals to drastically change Medicaid and Medicare certainly doesn’t seem to bode well for House Republicans heading into the 2012 election, unless Democrats fail to continue to hammer Republicans on the issue every chance they get.


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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Democrat Kathy Hochul wins House seat in heavily Republican district

  1. “Where all the [wingnuts] at [think Cleavon Little (the black sheriff) in ‘Blazing Saddles’]?!”


    Probably not done crying yet. . .

    I’ll check back. (*wink*)

  2. Ummmmm, did I say, “Yeeeeeeee-hahhh”, yet? (*wink*)



  3. Yeah, last night’s result doesn’t bode well for Republicans in 2012, especially those Republicans who may be in more moderate swing districts.

    1. In today’s Senate vote on The Ryan Plan nka (“now known as”) The Republican Plan, FORTY out of forty-five Republican Senators voted “aye”.

      AND Raul Paul ONLY voted against it because it was “too timid” (?!!!) with respect to spending.

      On WHAT planet, does THAT, and Mitch McConnell “magnanimously saying that he wasn’t going to “whip”/force Senate Republicans to vote for The Ryan Plan nka Republican Plan, insulate Senate Republicans from the disastrously obvious implications of all but four Republican members of the House of Representatives voting for The Plan?!

      I think that McConnell may just be a little too high up in that Beltway ivory tower of his for his own good.

      The Senate Republicans painted themselves with the very same unpopular and radical “paintbrush” that the House Republicans used when they voted in near lockstep for The Ryan Plan nka The Republican Plan.

      The Ryan Plan is now, indeed, the Republican Plan in the eyes of the voters.

      Thanks, guys, for being the “visionaries” that you are, and for being SO “courageous”, you, Paul, most of all. (*laughing*)

      Thanks, indeed.


      You, Paul, most of all.

      Almost forgot, Kathy Hochul sends her love.

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