Call to Action – Baraboo!

Tomorrow Morning (5/31) Wisconsin\'s Interim Governor Scott Walker, will be showing up in Baraboo, WI to read to elementary kids and introduce an education initiative.

Scott Walker is scheduled to arrive at 9:00 AM at East Elementary in Baraboo, WI. It is of course, only fitting that he make an education announcement in a place called Circus City! He will then proceed to read a book to the children. We have confirmed he will NOT be reading \"My Pet Goat\", but he has plenty of other children’s classics to chose from(full list here)!

After this challenging read, he will then introduce a new education initiative, where effective immediately, teachers will be forced to contribute more to balance the budget and will be now cleaning the schools in shifts(bring your own supplies) and carpooling their students into school(Ed. Note: this may or may not be true, but makes as much sense as many of his other proposals).

Another rumor we keep hearing is that he will then appoint Brian Deschane, Public School Cleaning Czar, to make sure that the teachers are doing an adequate job of cleaning the schools after hours. Like Scott Walker, Mr. Deschane will also report directly to Kurt Bauer.

To see if all of this is true or not, or if you just want to voice your displeasure on how Governor Walker has split our state and devastated our public education system, join up and protest!

East Elementary Home
8:45 AM
815 Sixth Street
Baraboo, WI 53913

One last note for those who live in the Baraboo area, Fred Clark is running for State Senate, against recalled State Senator Luther Olson. Sign up and Help his campaign!


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