39 thoughts on “Caption this

  1. “Introducing the world’s first autobus designed to be driven ass backward.”

  2. THE “BLOOD LIBEL” TOUR: “This Time I’m Serious About REALLY Getting People To Think That I Give Enough Of A Sh*t About Them To Actually Run For President When ALL That I’m Really Interested Is Stoking My Ego And Padding My Bank Account”

  3. The “Maybe If I Had A Sweet Ride Like This Back When I Was A Half-Term Governor Getting Me To A Meeting Wouldn’t Have Been Like Nailing Jello To A Tree” Tour. . .

  4. The “[My] priorities and personality are not only ill-suited to head a political party or occupy national office, but would lead to a disaster of, well, biblical proportions” Tour. . .

  5. The “I Hate Katie Couric [Because She Showed The Country What A Boob I Actually Am]” Tour. . .

  6. I’m going to assume that “if the phone still ain’t ringin’, it still ain’t [Sarah Palin callin’ to ask me to do press for her]…(*wink*)…Tip of the hat to Randy Travis…


    Rock on, Sister Sarah! Rock on!

    Keep doing what you do best, reminding everybody just how vapid, moronic, jingoistic and superficial the Right has become.

    Rock on, indeed.

    1. How about the “Angel of Death” tour?

      [This entry in the “Name THAT Bus” contest is being made in honor of the Chalaque-est guy I know, Blogging Blue’s resident “Angel of Death”, who always seems to be between a Chalaque and a hard place, intellectually speaking.]

      If I didn’t know better, Angel of [Dearth of Intelligence], and I really don’t, I’d swear you were Notalib.

      Anyway, who-eva U is, “rock” on, my hardheaded, low information, wingnut brother.

      P.S. Check out http://www.patriotactionnetwork.com, AOD. Trust me, it’s YOUR kind of place. You’d be MUCH more comfortable there. Check it out, maybe stay awhile, huh? (*wink*)

      Peace out. . .

  7. (*laughing*). . .Dang!

    I finally figured out why I find Angel of Death’s use of “Chalaque” so amusing, apart from the fact that it is one of those obscure references that generally only the moron using them actually gets.

    “I have reached forty ‘fazzoms’…Zeh light is growing deemer, zeh feesh more colorfell…

    Ah-loe, zees ees Chalaque Cousteau in zeh Cah-nary Islands…

    My fazzeh used to bring my bruzzeh Phillipe and I to zees place when we were, uh, how you say, les infantes…”

  8. All I know is that it’ll be hard for her to misquote the Constitution if she can’t bring herself to say, “Union.”

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