Concealed carry without training or permits moves closer to becoming law

If Republicans in the legislature get their way, citizens of Wisconsin could soon see their fellow Wisconsinite packing concealed weapons without the need for pesky permits, registration, background checks, or any kind of training whatsoever.

The bill approved on a 3-2 vote by the State Senate Senate Judiciary Committee would allow state residents 21 and older to carry concealed weapons as long as they weren’t felons or otherwise barred from possessing firearms, with the only prohibition being that residents would not be able to carry concealed weapons in schools, law enforcement offices, jails, prisons, and courthouses. Not among the list of locations residents would be prohibited from carrying concealed weapons? The State Capitol in Madison, along with town halls/municipal buildings and county offices.

So if you wanna pack heat to pick your three year old up from daycare? Better pack your handgun!
Don’t feel safe at church? Strap on your pistol!


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24 thoughts on “Concealed carry without training or permits moves closer to becoming law

  1. Now Patriotic Americans like this will be able to go about their business unimpeded by the police….

    A Marshfield man who drove to Madison to kill an abortion doctor faces federal charges after he was arrested Wednesday night when his gun went off in his motel room not far from the Planned Parenthood clinic that he planned to attack Thursday.

    Ralph Lang, 63, told a Madison police officer at the Motel 6, 1754 Thierer Road, that he had a gun “to lay out abortionists because they are killing babies,” according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in U.S. District Court.

    According to the complaint:

    Lang said he had been in Madison with a gun last week, but was having “spiritual struggles” and was not “100 percent in sync with God” so he did not shoot anyone.

    Lang had a history of targeting Planned Parenthood buildings. Court documents said he was arrested in 2007 outside a Madison branch, telling officers that everyone in the building deserved to be executed and that police were failing in their jobs by not carrying out the executions. Lang received a disorderly conduct citation, according to court records.

    He told authorities he bought the .38 caliber gun in the Medford area about two years after his arrest “to help end abortion.”

    1. I was actually thinking of Ralph Lang when I wrote this entry. No doubt cases like his will become all too common once folks are legally able to carry firearms.

      1. Cases like this will never become “common”
        What may become common is the young criminal who lurks outside a convenience store seeking a victim to strong arm finding something else to do because he may be looking down the barrell of a pistol after he says “Empty Your Pockets”

  2. I am working on my next post “more guns = less crime”….however I have to finish up the one I am working on now….”More Cars = Less Traffic”

  3. How many more NFL players have to senselessly shoot themselves in the thigh with the handgun ‘stuffed’ in the waistband of their sweats before the cheeseheads see the light?

  4. No left turns…all that will happen is that young thug will be armed and he won’t threaten that he is armed…he will brandish it your face before you even have time to thinking about pulling your concealed weapon…and make one false move and it’s two to the chest for you…and he takes your wallet, your gun and your life…crime won’t subside it will just become more violent…thugs won’t stop being thugs…they will just adjust the way they do business. No one outside the movies can draw fast enough to overcome facing an already drawn weapon.

  5. I need to be able to carry in the Capitol….it’s the only place in the state that I currently feel threatened.

    1. This is the facts criminals already carry concealed. This is a proven fact states with the concealed weapons have lower crime rates. Everyone should have a fighting chance to protect themselves and Loved ones. They guns dont fire without they people , so they crimes are they responsibility of they individuals. My responsibility is to protect thoses depending one me.

  6. 15 – 17 Superior, WI – Cowboy Fast Draw Wisconsin State Championship. Shooters compete, dressed in late 1800s style, use .45 caliber guns, wax bullets to be the “Fastest Gun”. Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds, 4600 Tower Ave. For more information call (715) 399-0660.

  7. I’m actually all right with guns and fire arms being all legal and having concealed carry. I just don’t think anyone should get a gun and there should be proper training for it, because while it is a right it is also a responsibility. People often forget that guns are not just a collector’s item – they are actually a weapon. They were created as a weapon.

    That being said, I’m not worried because of people getting violent, planning to shoot others and so on – because really? Guns are hard to handle if people don’t know what they’re doing. What I’m more worried about is a lot of these suburban rich white kids getting a gun and using it as a statement or novelty instead of knowing how to properly use them, so that they try to tricks then they end up shooting themselves or others. You hear cases like this constantly, they jokingly aim it at a person and then it goes off.

    I know people say “But Vermont has these rules and they don’t have mass killings–” for one, Vermont doesn’t have a lot of people. For the second issue, Vermont is mostly rural and a lot of people go hunting up there as a recreational sport. Therefore they know how to use it. Wisconsin, this is not universal since some areas are so far from reality it isn’t funny.

    Call it cynicism, but I think most of these people often have more money than actual sense. I think there is no excuse that they don’t get proper training.

  8. It is kind of funny, isn’t it? Women that are abused by boyfriends are not allowed to protect themselves from their abusers with a concealed weapon. Men who beat their children and their wives will never have to fear that their victims are carrying anything dangerous.
    Evil men need not fear anything except maybe a visit by a police officer.
    I know a man who abused his children and his wife. His oldest son wanted to join Special Forces so he could come back and kill his father for the abuse that occurred. He wanted to learn how to kill and the military was the best place to learn. The old man is 80 years old now and his children are still afraid of him, except for the oldest son. He no longer fears his father. He knows that his father now fears him. He likes it that way.
    If guns and the desire to kill bad people help to keep bad people in line, I am all for them. On the hip, in the pocket or in the purse. There are times when bad people don’t go to jail and remain free to abuse others. They need to be controlled. Police don’t control anything, they are a reactive organization and not a preventive one. And all the bad guys know it.
    It is better that 10 decent citizens are appalled by gun ownership than for one victim to be prevented from defending herself/himself.

    1. PB, how many domestic violence incidents happen in public, where a woman would be most likely to carry a concealed weapon?

      The vast majority of DV incidents (and I have a lot of professional experience with domestic violence) happen in a residence, where a woman is fully within her rights to have a firearm.

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