Constitutional Voting

Once again the Democrats have failed to control the debate on almost everything in Madison. One of the issues is the concealed carry bill, the most heinous and notorious being something touted as “Constitutional Carry”.

Well instead of decrying and complaining about the Voter ID bill which they labelled the Voter Suppression Act (nice try but no cigar…) they need to start getting out in front of the curve…Like promoting CONSTITUTIONAL VOTING!

And to paraphrase Sen. Holperin’s (D – WTF?) quote from this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in FAVOR (?) of concealed carry in favor of my CONSTITUTIONAL VOTING bill: “I’ve always believed that responsible and qualified citizens deserve the right to vote and use voting as guaranteed by both our state and federal constitutions with the fewest possible restrictions”.

Admittedly the Republican majority is exerting near complete control over the environment inside of the Capitol…but it’s time the Democrats switched from being against everything and start PROPOSING alternatives and MESSAGING them clearly and cleanly to the public whether the majority lets them bring the ideas to to floor or no (thank you Paulette Garin).


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11 thoughts on “Constitutional Voting

  1. When the final bill is passed as law, it will look like compromise for the Right. The evil Conservatives will have moved from “Constitutional Carry” to a more liberal law which requires a permit to carry concealed firearms.
    This is such a sweet move by the right.
    It’s a win-win.
    We get to carry concealed and we compromised with the moderates. Wisconsin’s voters will show once again that there will be No Left Turns.

    1. Except that concealed carry polls at 20 percent, even if there is compromise.

      But aside from that, you think that a “compromise” on this, of all things, will get people to think the R’s are reasonable and compromising?

      That’s laughable to the nth degree.

      No where in this blog have you put forth a salient point, everyone here is now dumber for having read your posts, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  2. I am not sure if there has been a more mislabeled bill ever than “constitutional” carry(Maybe bushies clean skies act). It really sullies the actual Constitution.

  3. “Responsible and qualified citizens deserve the right to vote”? So many things wrong with that, where to begin? Citizens over the age of 18 who are not convicted felons are GUARANTEED the right to vote. And, last I checked, the act of voting never killed anyone.

  4. Rich, two things…first convicted felons may vote once they complete parole/probation. Second, the voter Id bill is in fact a VOTER SUPRESSION bill…

    btw: I was having a little fun…no matter which version of concealed carry passes, it will be easy to carry a gun than to vote in the state of WI…how’s that for guaranteed? Show me why one constitutional right is more important than another? Did you read the article? I reworked the Senator’s quote to question why owning a gun should be easier to do than vote.

    And for emphasis “…and use voting as guaranteed by both our state and federal constitutions with the fewest possible restrictions”.”

    1. No I don’t believe Registering to vote is voter suppression anymore than registering your gun is gun ownership suppression…but proof of residency for voter registration is wide open for the types of ID permitted and don’t require anyone to go to DMV or anywhere else to secure the ID.

      1. If you don’t believe registering to vote is suppression, then how on earth can voter ID be suppression? The burden is still on the person to produce one of the required documents to register to vote, and what if there is a person out there that doesn’t have ANY of those? If you are so worried about disenfrachising, then you have to be against the voter registration requirements as well.

        1. forgot, there are far more forms of ID that are acceptable for registration compared to the rather limited forms required to actually vote per this bill. You can register anytime, at your leisure. But once you are registered and continue to vote, that should be fine and dandy.

          Now, NOBODY has ever answered this question…show me ONE example of actual reported or prosecuted voter fraud that this bill will prevent…

          1. So it’s only the number of ID that concerns you? Why aren’t you concerned about the person out there who doesn’t have any of the documents or the “burden” it will take to produce them? I’m not sure what registering “at your leisure” has to do with it. Face it, most people register on election day (thanks to same day registration). Also, technically one can vote at their leisure too (thanks to absentee voting). Furthermore, if you can’t/don’t have ID on election day you have several days after to come back and produce the document (basically “at your leisure”).

            Sorry, I’m just not buying the difference between the “burdens” of registration vs. voter ID.

            And to answer your question, voter fraud is tough to prove. Unless the clerk catches something, how exactly would it be reported? It’s kind of like saying, if there were no tickets issued at all on my street that must mean no one ever speeds on it.

            1. There is only ONE type of voter fraud that voter ID will prevent…and that is voter impersonation. In the November 2008 Presidential election 2.975 million Wisconsinites voted for President. Yet not ONE story appeared anywhere in any Wisconsin media about a voter showing up a his or her polling place to find out that they supposedly had already voted. Voter ID will not prevent any of the other types of voter fraud that have been prosecuted.

              And since voter fraud is so heinous, why isn’t the AG appealing the recent court decision to let two admitted frauds off the hook?

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