It was all just a grand conspiracy!

Watch as “Brother Nathanael” explains how the protests against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-public employee budget “repair” bill were part of some grand conspiracy between President Barack Obama, George Soros, and of all people, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now.

Some really should tell Brother Nathanael to take off his tinfoil hat, and while they’re at it, they should also tell Brother Nathanael to lose the “air quotes” as a rhetorical crutch.


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10 thoughts on “It was all just a grand conspiracy!

    1. Yeahhh, they were kinda funny, weren’t they?

      They struck me as being a cross between regular “air quotes” and Richard Nixon’s upraised hands and fingers giving that iconic “V for Victory” gesture of his.

      And as I pictured Nixon doing that, I couldn’t help but also hear that iconic refrain of his: “I am NOT a crook”.

      Brother Nathaniel – “I am NOT a racist. [I just play one in my video presentations.]”

  1. “Zionist conspiracy”?!

    This guy belongs on an anti-Semitic/racist/”white nationalist community” website like

    That said, stuff like this provides important insight into the kinds of people from whom Snotty Scotty derives support.

    [“When you’ve got friends like that, WHO needs enemies?”]

    Anyway, “thanks” for enlightening us, Brother Nathaniel, you crazy, racist, anti-Semitic, lunatic bastard.

    1. Zuma, Brother Nathanael has his own anti-semitic website. In fact, he’s also the head of some sort of anti-semitic group.

      1. Damn!

        Unbelievable! (“Real Zionist News”) (“A White Nationalist Community”)

        Six of one, half dozen of another. . .

        What strange, but entirely predictable, bedfellows Brother Nathaniel, Scott Walker and the rightwing make.

        There’s a reason why I became a progressive. I woke up a few years back from a deep ideological stupor, and I realized the simple truth, a simple truth about who was on the side of the angels, and who wasn’t.

  2. With that George Soros obsession that Brother Nathaniel has going, maybe he and Notalib should compare notes, huh?


    In fact, if BN hadn’t been so virulently anti-Semitic, I would probably have cracked a joke along the lines of, “I wondered what Notalib looked like”, but. . .even Notabib, with all of the rightwing nonsense that he spouts generally, and his specific obsession with/fixation on George Soros’ purported Svengali-like influence on all of us progressives, doesn’t deserve that kind of comparison.

    That said, they BOTH support Snotty Scotty and the horrendous policies that he has pursued, as well as the Great Republican Overreach of 2011, and THAT is something that Notalib will just have to live with.

    “When you lay down with dogs”, as my honorary Jewish grandmother likes to tell me, “you get up with fleas”.

      1. Damn! Is Notalib out of his eff-ing mind?!

        The comment of his to which you linked pre-dated my time here. From what I have seen since I’ve been around, he’s “out there”, but that was truly beyond the pale.

        I had no idea.

        Maybe he IS Brother Nathaniel, after all. . .

        What is WRONG with people?!

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