Mike Ellis may not wear sunglasses at night, but he does wear them indoors!

Somethings Speak for themselves, I will just say that I can not confirm the rumor that Senate President Republican Mike Ellis was out too late at the Avenue Bar the night before and was nursing his hangover. Which would explain the inside sunglasses, attacking of the gum and incredible rudeness. Of course that could just be his new fashion look(I hear its in)! Now I will let Mike Ellis SHAME himself…


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16 thoughts on “Mike Ellis may not wear sunglasses at night, but he does wear them indoors!

  1. Great job by Mike. The Democrats continue to act like little children so he needed to treat them as such. The Democrats standing up pouting and yelling and screaming it’s amazing to watch so called adults act like this, but then again considering the party the are affiliated with it is no surprise.

    1. No doubt if this were a Democrat presiding over the State Senate who acted the very same way towards a Republican, you’d approve of it, right?

  2. Jeff how do you know I am in the minority within the state? Is there a poll or are you saying this because of the people you have been in contact with. For I know many people who do agree with me and a number who do not but I am interested how you KNOW that my opinion is unpopular state wide.

    1. Nota i get it that there are people in this state who have suffered at the backs of the republican tax policies that allow banks and corporations to not pay taxes, and that thousands have suffered because of NAFTA and GATT and our other free trade agreements, just look at Paul Ryan’s district. Some of these people have been kicked around enough that they want to screw the public workers over also.

      However most thinking logical Wisconsinites know that the way ellis acted here was shameful.

  3. Notalib sees what he wants to see. Hears what he wants to hear. “Nothing to see here”, as they say.

    At least he’s always good for some comic relief, just like cartoonish, sunglass-wearing, gum-chewing tyrant Mike Ellis. . .

    Just wait until THIS gets some national airplay (AND it will, mark my words). If Notalib’s partisan blinders weren’t so damn big and, well, blinding, EVEN he might finally understand that he, and Mike Ellis, aren’t exactly on the side of the angels here.

    Oh well. Like I was saying, at least Notalib is always good for a laugh.

    Notalib, seriously, you really WOULD be much happier over at http://www.PatriotActionNetwork.com where, as their motto goes, “One [wingnut] with courage is a majority”, and they wouldn’t laugh at you over there.

  4. “I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it.”

    John Stuart Mill March 1866

    1. “Mean Girls”. . .

      I think I’m on to something. I mean, WHO exactly is it that chews gum like that after puberty.

      Uh huh. Dass right. “Mean Girls”.

      Mike Ellis and Lindsay Lohan, in “Mean Girls 2: Tyranny, What’s Not To Like?”. . .

  5. “Who wears sunglasses indoors?” you ask? Drunks, drug-addicts, and young girls goofing around at a sleepover.

    Now, why would Senator Ellis (R-Cheap Scotch) wear them?

  6. And btw, is anyone else afraid that the critter on top of Ellis’ head may mate with the one on top of Rand Paul’s head? If that happens, we may get another Trump Rug…..

    1. Dave, you crack me up.

      In all seriousness, someone *cough*Jeff*cough* should call Sen. Ellis and ask him why he felt the need for sunglasses indoors.

    2. Yeah, Dave, it makes me a little nervous…

      Also, what happens when DiGuadio’s “piece” wants a “piece of the action”?


      Could get a little “hairy”, huh?

  7. Notalib on Mike Ellis. . .

    Jeff Simpson on Mike Ellis. . .

    Zach on Mike Ellis. . .

    Dave on Mike Ellis. . .

    Zuma Bound on Mike Ellis. . .

    With all due respect to his rug, Dave, it sounds like Mike Ellis is the one getting all of the action.

  8. Thanks for changing the headline, Zach.

    Dave sidetracked me a little bit with that whole Mike Ellis/Rand Paul thing. . .

    Annnnyway. . .I imagine Mike Ellis will eventually come up with some medical-sounding explanation for the sunglass thing. That said, it still looked jive and unprofessional.

    The better question to ask at this point is why he was chewing his gum for all it was worth like a sullen, petulant high school freshman.

    Well, at least he wasn’t twirling his hair at the same time.

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