No really….Scott Walker appreciates state employees!

This is just mind-boggling:

I’ll give Scott Walker credit….he’s got nerve.

Apparently he appreciates state employees so much that he wants to take away their ability to collectively bargain while making it harder for them to organize.


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7 thoughts on “No really….Scott Walker appreciates state employees!

  1. Next it will be an informant line. “Tell us who is not doing their job.” Neighbors informing on neighbors, turning people against each other. Where have we seen this before?

  2. I just don’t understand why he tries to build bridges state workers have no interest in it. He just needs to stay focused do the job the majority of the state elected him to do and stop worrying about the hurt feelings of the state worker, their interest is only self serving and not what is best for all.

    1. You’re right….I don’t understand why Gov. Walker tries to build bridges when it’s clear he has no interest in working with state employees.

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