Reason #1 why we need competitive districts…

This is that we redistrict our legislative districts in Wisconsin. Representative Steve Nass is at it again.

H/T to Democurmudgeon!

Rep. Nass-TY recently introduced introduced legislation to bring back racist sports team names and logos.

Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, has drafted legislation to repeal the law, which allows any school district resident to file a complaint with the local school board over the use of offensive nicknames, logos or mascots. The state school superintendent can then order districts to stop using such symbols if they promote discrimination, harassment or stereotyping.

The bill also aims to void all orders issued by State Superintendent Tony Evers under the new law, which was signed by Gov. Jim Doyle in May.

Luckily for Wisconsin, that bill died in committee, much to the chagrin of Representative Nass-TY.

“The indians have apparently put enough pressure on (Committee chair, state rep. Karl)Van Roy to kill the bill,” Nass tells WTMJ. “He does not have an interest in holding a hearing.”

Now Rep. Nass can move onto more important things like:

* feeling persecuted by \"liberal extremists in Madison who hate cars and think everyone should bike to work.\"

* playing Mayor of Madison.

* Or applying for the job of Wisconsin\'s director of tourism.

Steve Nass, the walking billboard advertisement for why we need competitive districts and how bad career politicians can be.


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4 thoughts on “Reason #1 why we need competitive districts…

  1. The ferocity of Indians in a fight was well known. If a school wishes to identify itself as the Chiefs, what is wrong with that?
    Do we honor Tigers, Bears, Vikings, Lions, etc. when a team adopts their name to represent a fighting spirit or a certain lethality?
    This whole “racist” thing is so overblown.
    Do we really need laws for this when public opinion will suffice?
    God help us if a tribal school ever adopted an Indian mascot and name for its sports team. Some bloody lunatic would say it was racist and stop them from honoring their own ancestry.

    Geronimo forever! What a warrior!

  2. I cringe when I think of the up-coming re-districting of the 5th senatorial district. It makes no sense whatsoever for one of the wealthiest suburbs (Elm Grove) to be in the same district as urban suburbs like West Allis or West Milwaukee. I am still waiting to hear Senator Vukmir direct any of her legislative efforts and pronouncements to the needs of inner-ring suburbs like West Allis-West Milwaukee.

  3. I disagree PB….Public opinion is not always on the right side of history, nor is equitable. So if we allow say oostburg to be overtly racist and just wait for public opinion to make them do the right thing we would be waiting eons.

    so YES we do need laws. Look at this law in particular, who has really complained about it?

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