Republicans work to create jobs by allowing earlier alcohol sales

In a move that’s sure to create thousands of jobs here in Wisconsin, Republican State Rep. Evan Wynn has introduced Assembly Bill 63, which would allow retailers with liquor licenses to start selling alcohol at 6 a.m. instead of 8 a.m.

No doubt earlier alcohol sales will stimulate Wisconsin’s economy and result in job creation; after all, Republicans are focused like laser beams on job creation.


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15 thoughts on “Republicans work to create jobs by allowing earlier alcohol sales

    1. Exactly.

      Perhaps this is meant to create more law enforcement jobs, because otherwise I’m not sure how it fits in with Republican job creation efforts.

  1. I’ve always disliked the so called blue laws that banning the sale of alcohol at certain days and times. It’s the codification of the religious right’s puritanical views.

  2. John, it’s a big deal becase it’s something a Republican introduced. Then, and only then, Zach and his circle of blogging buddies can become irate. They don’t seem to understand that people can actually perform multiple tasks at the same time. But of course, following the union mentality they can’t do a single job without a contact telling them exactly how to work.

    1. You’re funny. I bet you can take a piece of wet string and turn it into a liberal union thug. Ready, go!

    2. Aw Mark, who’s irate? Certainly not me.

      I simply posted something I found interesting, along with a little commentary of my own. That hardly constitutes me being “irate.”

    3. Marky Mark wrote:

      “John, it’s a big deal becase [sic] it’s something a Republican introduced. Then, and only then, Zach and his circle of blogging buddies can become irate. They don’t seem to understand that people can actually perform multiple tasks at the same time.”

      What exactly was your point, Mark? That people can actually drink and do other things at the same time? That people should get started drinking earlier just because Republicans think they should? That only Republicans can actually pull that “multiple tasks” thing off?

      Well, anyway, one intellectually dissonant, defensive and seemingly pointless wingnut comment deserves. . .Uh, I don’t actually know what it deserves, but I have a funny story to tell that seems vaguely on point. So, here goes.

      I once unthinkingly mixed pain medication and hard alcohol at an off-site party a couple of hours in advance of a legal conference. On my way to the conference thereafter, a California Highway Patrolman stopped me on the freeway, apparently having “an issue” with the way that I was driving.

      He asked me to exit my vehicle, and proceeded to administer a series of entertaining tests. Well, they entertained me. Him, NOT so much because I was able to pass them all despite being more than a little, uh, what’s the word, oh yeah, intoxicated.

      He knew that I was f*cked up, BUT, much to his consternation, he just couldn’t prove it.

      To save face, albeit with a grudgingly respectful look on his face, he told me I could go, but that my girlfriend at the time would have to take the wheel. I said okay, but could he try to remember this particular traffic stop for future reference in the event that someone named Scott might say on some progressive political website, sometime in the future, that I and other progressives think that “people [cannot] actually perform multiple tasks at the same time”.

      Well, I know that they can, even when one of them is being in an altered state.

      In any event, Mark, you need to lighten up on the knee-jerk, “just because a progressive/liberal said it, I have to contradict it”, wingnut histrionics. Zach just pointed out something interesting. He’s not the least bit “irate” about it. That said, your curious overreaction to Zach’s comment suggests that you need to might need to take a Zanax or something. Hey, why not give that fat-ass Rush (“If I didn’t have millions and couldn’t afford to buy the best legal talent money can buy, my fat ass would be in prison right now”) Limbaugh a call, maybe see if he’s got some Oxycontin laying around. That should take the edge off, and mellow you out some.

      Be careful, though. Don’t want to get caught with it unless you can afford to hire Roy Black to negotiate your way out of it.

      By the way, I’m not “irate”, either. It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I’ve got a nice little buzz going. AND I’m water-skiing, slalom-style, impressing the hell out of the bikini-clad ladies, not that my girlfriend will let me take advantage of it. [She won’t let me date (GO figure/*wink*), NOT that I’d want to because, after all, she…is…FINE!!!]

      So, Mark, here I am, blogging, water-skiing, partying, occasionally driving the boat, all at the same time, all despite being ‘incapacitated’ by the fact that I am a part of “Zach’s circle of blogging [progressive] buddies”. Better call Ripley’s Believe It Or Not or Wingnut-911, huh? (*laughing*)

      By the way, and just for the record, I’m not the least bit “irate” about anything, either.

      Have a good Memorial Day weekend, Mark. Unclench a little. You’ll have more fun, AND you’ll make more sense, too.

      Ciao, my uptight wingnut brother.

  3. The fun kicker here is that they’re trying to screw Wisconsin’s small brewers through more restrictive distribution laws. Check out the comments from the folks at the Pearl Street Brewery yesterday.

    So while they allow for possibly another job or two at low wage by having 2 more hours of booze sales, they blow the chance to allow Wisconsin companies to grow many more jobs by messing with our growing craft beer industry. Guess it was a really big check from MillerCoors., eh?

    1. Jake, craft beer drinkers wouldn’t be caught dead drinking Miller. But, I agree, Wisconsin’s distribution laws need to be changed.

      1. I have a feeling they’re trying to run out the craft breweries too, since this is nothing but back patting amongst the big giants. That being said, I usually and mostly drink from craft breweries – and it also helps that many local bars often sell craft brews too.

        1. I’m referring to the big boys (i.e. Miller) trying to screw up smaller breweries that try to self-distribute, in a bill the Legislature is going to try to shove through this week. Here’s the Journal-Sentinel article on it. As you can see, it could put a lot more restrictions on small brewers that do their own distribution, and the only reason to pull a “big government” move like that is big donations to WisGOP by MillerCoors.

          I’m Ok with having beer sales start at 6am, due to 3rd shifters, but this restriction on beer distribution could really restrict growth in a local industry that’s gaining serious market share and revenue.

  4. I actually am fine if we could buy alcohol 24/7. As long as the store is open, why not? Although I agree with Zach, where are the jobs again?

    Super, I am a craft beer drinker for the most part, BUT if on rare occasions and I am out and the place I am at does not have a good micro brew, then Miller Lite, et al is my (last) and only option.

    1. When desperation hits, I go with the highlife

      Was it spun as a jobs bill or is it just getting rid of a dumb law.?

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