8 thoughts on “So I’m back…

  1. Awe-I missed you-sure-
    T. Thompson is rearing his ugly head to take a shot at Kohl’s seat-Club For Growth (Grover Norquist) says no way will they support him-not enough crazy.
    Kloppenberg says too many irregularities for a fair judgement on the outcome. Could mean a law suite.
    WI repugs say we don’t need no stinkin drinking water safeguards.
    Oh there’s more…

  2. Rick Santorum is a complete embarrassment and now he is trying to spin it. What a insult to John McCain. Santorum can join Newt in the NOT electable column.

    1. Notalib, you and I are in complete agreement. Wow, never thought I’d say that, but there it is. It still amazes me that Rick Santorum got elected dog catcher, let alone Senator from Pennsylvania.

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